What Is Your Talent and Mine?

Everyone has a talent.  Have you discovered yours?  If you think you have a talent and never thought you could make money off it.  Well, maybe you can!  It depends on how empowered you are to make it into your reality.  If you haven't figured out what career or talent you have you should.  Don't waste your life on what could have been.  Make your dreams come true.  If you have money for the things you want buy them.  Things that you want are not needs.  You have the money to save to pursue your purpose.  

I am really a believer in empowering yourself.  You can create that hope in your life to achieve anything you want.  All you have to do is put fear aside and stop wasting time.  Make your talent into your career job.  All you have to do is have a resume, and portfolio of your work.  Make sure you detail what you can do and include pictures in your portfolio.  Google and look for jobs or talent that best describes you.  

I am pursuing my career and talent!  Crush Crew Apparel empowers individuals not to give up and to be their best!  To pursue your dream, set your goals.  Face the fear and rise!  The online store will open soon.

In NY MomStyle YouTube video, I share useful tips on what could be your talent or mine?  Some talents can be drawings, cutting and building, tailoring clothes or handbags, creating things online, singing, mouth beatbox, or other creative ideas.  No matter what negative things people say.  Never let anyone shatter your dreams.  Your wealth is your purpose and empire.  Perseverance is key to achieving your career goal.  Watch this video below.  

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