Sunday, March 19, 2017

4 Beauty Products You Should Try

For those of you who do not leave your home without wearing beauty products. We have 4 beauty products for you to rave about.  Don't be afraid to wear different makeup colors.  Vibrant colors are in style and go well with any outfit.  Is it a must-have for you to own the newest products?  Well yes! Makeup has come a long way and now longer-lasting, new colors, better coverage, looks and feels natural on the skin.  

Take a look at the pictures below on how to get the perfect eyeshadow colors.  Hard Candy has cosmetics to leave your face flawless.  The Metal Eyes gold eyeshadow is a fun color to mix and match.  The eyeshadow colors used on eyes were gold, silver, and bronze.  The matte lip color below is called Velvet Mousse.  The lip color is versatile and can match any outfit. 

You can switch up makeup colors for different looks.  The eyeshadows can be blended with the Fast & Fabulous Setting Spray Liquid.  This can give you long-lasting results. The eyeshadow colors used above were silver and gold.  The glossy purplish lip color used was Wet Ever.  Wet Ever lip color looked perfect with the eyeshadows.  Each color complement each other to stand out.  
Do you want your lip color to last?  You can use the, It Takes Two Lip Primer Duo.  It's a dual ended lip primer suitable to extend wear for any lip color.  You'll have the option to wear your lip color glossy or creamy.  These have great results for your day or night moods.  

Glam yourself up with Hard Candy.  Beauty is all about feeling good and flaunting it.  Their cosmetics add dramatic flair for a trendy style on any day

The cosmetics featured on NY MOMSTYLE are available at   

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Keep Your Home Dirt-Free

Dirt is tiny particles that accumulate.  Letting it build up can lead to allergies and other health problems.  Some tips for getting rid of dirt:  
  • When you arrive home leave your shoes by the door.    
  • Clean your home daily.  
  • Declutter keep things organized. 
It will prevent dirt getting into your home.  We found a dirt-free solution that will help you.   It does not contain dangerous chemicals and safe for babies, pets, and toddlers.  It will deep clean like new" appearance.  Keeping a clean home doesn’t have to be hard.  Instead of using a rag, t-shirt or vacuum.  There is one item to help keep your home dirt-free?     

The Shark Genius Steam Pocket Mop System will keep your home dirt-free.  You put in water and let it heat up for 30 seconds.  Pick an area on the floor that's hard to clean and steam blast it.  It picks up dirt and sanitizes.  The mop can flip over after one side is dirty.  It has two features from spray and steam.  The steam has channels that distribute on both sides of the pad to get the floor clean.  The pad is a washable microfiber that picks up dirt. The spray works for hard to clean spots.  It's lightweight for easy maneuvering.  This is better than a regular mop.  It cuts time from cleaning.  This is genius touch-free technology. You wouldn't want to live without it.  This really keeps the floor dirt-free.  You'll notice the difference on my floors.  

  • Genius Steam Mop/Spray Pocket Mop
  • Spray mop handle
  • Water fill cup
  •  Two two-sided dirt grip pads 
  •  Three intelligent steam settings
  •  Steamer Blaster on mop head 
  • Direct steam channeling Touch-free technology 
  • Measurements: Genius Steam Mop/Spray Pocket Mop 42-1/2"H x 6"W x 4"L; Power cord 22-1/2'L 
  • ETL listed; 1-year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty 
  • Imported
For information about the Shark Genius Steam Pocket Mop System and products visit  

Sunday, February 19, 2017

What Happened In The HGTV Blogger Block Party Event

The HGTV Blogger Block Party Event was held on, August 22nd at 12:00 pm.   Sara Peterson is the editor in chief of HGTV Magazine.  She was the person in charge for welcoming the speakers.  The speakers for the event was Genevieve Gorder, Rachel Faucett of Handmade Charlotte, Emily Bidwell- Merchandising Manager at Etsy, Sherry & John Petersik of Young House Love and Emily Henderson.  

Upon arrival, I proceeded to look at all the ceiling and wall decorations.  The colors for the decoration was vibrant and beautiful.  There were many booth displays from brands.  The brand's displayed awesome designs and DIY.
HGTV Blogger Block Party Event Agenda Concluded On Schedule:

I had a good time talking connecting with brands, bloggers, eating and drinking.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Style and Love Your Hair

When you have given up on your hair.  Do something about it!  Don't just give up.  Find what works for your hair.   No matter what your relationship status is, celebrate Valentine’s Day and #LOVEYOURHAIR.   All women have different types of hair.   Only you know your hair. What inspires you to #LOVEYOURHAIR for Valentine's Day? Do something special and pamper yourself with a makeover.  Stop using products with chemicals that will damage your hair.   Keep your hair up-to-date.  Do your hair weekly and have it healthy and shiny.  

What can you do to style and #LOVEYOURHAIR?  Check out the Revlon Salon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer.  It's a hair brush and blow dryer in one.  The ceramic coating has mixed bristles that help grab the hair for effective results.  It blows out hair in half the time. You'll get frizz-free hair with less-heat damage.  The oval brush design has a different shape that has curved sides.  It can curl ends perfectly and leaves hair soft and shiny.  This works better than a traditional hair dryer.  

This is my Valentine's Day #LOVEYOURHAIR makeover.  I love how easy and fast my hair was done.  I will be ready to go out with my husband.  My hair has grown and looks healthier.  I use the third setting to dry my hair.  It's a powerful hair dryer and works perfectly!  I truly recommend the Revlon Salon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer.  I am pleased with my hair results.  You'll want to style and #LOVEYOURHAIR. 

For more information about the Revlon Salon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer visit  You're going to want one to pamper yourself.  You can celebrate Valentine's Day and #LOVEYOURHAIR.   The retail for the hair dryer is $59.99.   Tag your Valentine's Day #LOVEYOURHAIR photo on Instagram to @nymomstyle  and @Revlon and have your photo featured.    

Friday, February 10, 2017

Valentine's Day With PUR Cosmetics

We want to be presentable and look good for that special someone.  Valentine's Day is the day to show how much you love him or her.  A woman wants to pamper herself by using makeup to make herself feel pretty.  What your loved one will first look at is your you. Women should pamper themselves and get their hair done, dress up and add makeup to get the look they want.

I've got the perfect products to pamper yourself for Valentine's Day.  I just love PUR cosmetics and so will you. The colors are natural.  It makes me feel beautiful.   My makeup takes me from morning to night.  I want to look great for my husband.  On Valentine's Day, I'll be ready with my new look.  

The products I received from PUR cosmetics were their Air Perfection CC Cushion Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 50+ - color tan, Cameo Contour Dual-Ended Contour Foundation - color deep, Correcting Primer - Dark Spot Corrector and Redness Reducer, Eye Polish - color Velvet and Satin, Elevation Perfecting Highlighter Palette with Brush, Mascara Trifecta 3- Piece Deluxe Mascara Collection - For Length/For Volume/For All and HydraGel Lift - 360 Eye Perfecting Primer. 

Are you looking for new beauty products?  Check out PUR cosmetics to pamper yourself and feel good.  They have different variety of products for your skin. Their makeup will have people turning to take a look at you.  You will have plenty of compliments.   Look good with PUR cosmetics!  Visit PUR cosmetics to find the perfect makeup for you at