Monday, September 10, 2018

The Benefits Of Yoga

If you have tried yoga.  There are good reasons why you should give it a try.  Did you know yoga helps lower back pain, decrease chronic pain, headaches, arthritis, improve sexual function, increase energy, strengthen immune system, lower risk of heart disease, relieve muscle tension, and feel your body transform for the better?  Along with yoga, mediation lowers stress levels, anxiety, gain spiritual fulfillment, and awareness.  Your body will feel different and peaceful.  The benefits of yoga is connection of body, mind, and spirit.  You will feel yoga improve your health inside and out.  

All you have to do is practice yoga poses "asanas" in Sanskrit regularly with breathing exercises "pranayama" in Sanskrit and meditation.  Hugger Mugger has products to help you along with yoga and meditation.  Their zen meditation cushion prints and zabuton meditation pillow is great for yoga and mediation.  This will help you start your journey on yoga and meditation.  They have different colors and styles.
I use the zen meditation cushion prints and zabuton meditation pillow in the morning and at night for yoga and meditation.  Using the cushion and pillow has helped to make me feel comfortable, relaxed, relieved stress, and anxiety.  My life has changed for the better after doing yoga and mediation.  The energy and peace I feel inside and out is like no other.  It's like being closer to God and happier in life. 

There cushion and pillow is great for the support in meditation and yoga.  For information to get a zen meditation cushion prints and zabuton meditation pillow visit  You can use the discount code Benefit20 for 20% off of retail purchase. 

Monday, January 15, 2018

How To Keep Your Skin Flawless

We need to take care of our skin and pamper ourselves.  At times, we don't keep up with our skin routine.  It can get irritated and itchy.  Natural ingredients will make our skin feel soft and smooth throughout the seasons.  It's time to treat your skin with a clean and simple beauty solution.  

I am going to share with you how to keep your skin flawless.  Parissa can help to maintain your skin look clean and soft.  Their wax strip super pack contains small wax strips, large wax strips, azulene spray bottle,  azulene oil - 8 ml mini size x 2, wax strips instructions, and exfoliation glove.  It's quick and easy to get your skin to look good and you can do it yourself.  You can remove hair for that unwanted one from face, bikini, legs, arms, or body.  

The wax strip super pack is great for a variety of uses.  Hygiene is important to staying fresh.  I'll be using the small wax strips on my bikini line with azulene spray bottle.  I had cut a large strip into thin pieces and tried some below my eyebrows.  My eyebrows look clean and felt soft.  I like how the azulene oil smooths and soothes the skin.  The exfoliation gloves are to be used 24 hours after waxing.  Exfoliation helps remove the outer layer of the skin's dead cells and reduces ingrown hairs.   I recommend Parissa for your use.  Parissa outdid themselves with their products.  Their products work very well!  The results on my eyebrows are amazing.  

Wax Strip Super Pack Includes:
  • Larger Wax Strips x 20 
  • Smaller Wax Strips x 16 
  • Azulene Spray Bottle 60 ml (+ 8 ml mini size x 2) 
  • Exfoliation Glove 
  • Wax Strip Instructions  

Parissa can help keep your skin flawless.  Their wax strip super pack retails for $25.00.  It's a great deal to get beautiful looking skin.  For information about the products featured visit wax strip super pack or wax strips.   

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

The New Beauty, New You

Habits are one of the hardest things to start or stop.  It’s time to accomplish your resolution goals for the new year.  Stop waiting and make a change to the most beautiful you.  A change will make you feel happy.  When it comes to looking and feeling your best, timing is everything.  How to make it happen for The New Beauty, New You?

Have you been thinking of a new look?  I've got the perfect Revlon New! Salon One-Step Straight and Shine XL Heated Brush that can give your hairstyle.  This heated brush helps to straighten your hair without blow drying it.  It really cuts time in half.  The New Year's is coming up and a great way to bring in 2018.  This is the perfect hair styler to get beautiful shiny looking hair.  


Since I got the New! Salon One-Step Straight and Shine XL Heated Brush.  I have been using it daily and works great.  I use the heated brush at 430 F to get my hair flat and straight.  After I am done passing the heated brush throughout my hair, I like using a drop of Fantasia ic Hair Polisher.  It works great together to make it last.  The hair polisher is not to be used daily.  To much use will make your hair feel oily.  I like how the heated brush helps to reduce frizz from my hair.  It works well to straighten my hair and adds bounce.  

  • 10 Variable LCD High Heat Settings up to 430 F for Complete Styling Control 
  • Ceramic Straightening Plates and Duo Detangling Bristles for Snag Free Styling 
  • Unique XL Heated Brush Head Design for Root to Tip Contact and faster styling 
  • Lightweight Design is Ergonomically Balanced for Ease of Use
  • Dual Voltage for Use Anywhere in the World 
The New! Salon One-Step Straight and Shine XL Heated Brush retails for $49.99 and price varies in store or online.  This heated brush can get you the look of The New Beauty, New You.  For information on this brush visit

Friday, December 29, 2017

The Top Entertaining Toy For Kids

Kids love watching a plane fly by.  Just wishing they could be on the plane and seeing it go.  Children love to throw paper plane and throwing a ball in the air.   It's all about having fun.  You maybe looking for that toy that fits your kid's needs.  It's not hard finding a toy your kid can enjoy for hours.  It would certainly be fascinating to watch them play indoor, outdoor, and for on-the-go play.    

We've got the top entertaining toy for kids.  It's the Air Hogs DR1 FPV Race Drone.  This is a sport that is great not only for kids but adults too.  All you have to do is download the free Air Hogs app on your smartphone.  Charges the drone using USB and the 4-Channel controller requires 2 x AAA batteries (not included).  Now you are ready to race and enjoy and fly your drone.

Both of my boys were excited to get their hands on the drone.  They played indoors and outdoors to fly the Air Hogs DR1 FPV Race Drone.  It was cool to see it take off the ground and go up.  It can go up high and great for beginners to get the hang of it.  This comes with a virtual reality VR headset.  You stream with a smartphone into the headset for an eye view of the sky.  It gives kids real-life imagination to be in the sky.

  •  Includes: 1 Drone 
  • 1 Headset for smartphone
  • 1 Controller
  •  1 USB charger 
  • 1 Instruction sheet
The Air Hogs DR1 FPV Race Drone retails for $99.99.  It's worth the price and durable to last.  Air Hogs outdid themselves with this great entertaining toy for kids!  This toy is a must-have for kids wishlist.  For information on this toy visit  

Keeping Your Kids Moving In The New Year

There is something kids need and request one or two.  As parents, we only go out of our way to make our kids happy.  Just to see them smile make us feel good.  It's okay to spoil them but not all the time.  That's being a good parent.  Our kids will be more thankful.

It's almost 2018 and time to bring in the New Year's with new sneakers for the kid's.  By now, your child has worn out their school sneakers.  Bobbi-Toads is everything on your kids wishlist.  They have styles for boys and girls.  Their sneakers light up from the side and in the front.  The color designs are awesome!  You can even paint the toes of the sneakers.

Davian and Davin got the 4 Boomz sneakers.  They love the five LED lights and jump up and down and tap the sneakers together to watch them light-up.  The sneakers can light up as the boys walk too.  These sneakers will keep my kids moving.  I want to get another pair for my other son.  David likes their sneakers too.  

Bobbi-Toads will make your kids happy, and it did for my kids!  Their sneakers come available in size 7 toddler to 9 women.  Their size varies depending on availability.  Check their products from paintable and light-up sneakers, nail polish, stickers and gift cards at