Easy Craft Ideas

How many of you like to do crafts?  In your spare time, you can make creative craft ideas at home.  You can make it for your family or as a gift to someone.  

How many of you have used a heat press?  If you haven't you can make awesome creative t-shirt designs.  The Vevor heat press assists in making a specific cartoon character or word design come to life.  

Every person has a different personality.  If you're making it for someone.  Think of what they like and add your design to the top. I have created two t-shirt designs for you.  If you have kids, you can assist them in making their own designs.  Your child will be happy to wear the top they've created.  This large t-shirt below was done with a Sublimination transfer sheet.  

This size small t-shirt was done with a DTF transfer sheet.  They both look similar by looking at the picture, but they're not.  If you see them both close-up.  You can tell the difference between DTF transfer and Sublimation transfer sheets.  I prefer the DTF transfer sheet.  It last longer on the top without fading.

I put the heat press on 380 and about 85 seconds.  I let it heat up before use.  All heat presses heat differently.  Just give it the heat time it works for you.  My son is wearing the Have Fun t-shirt.  He likes the t-shirt so much.

The Vevor sells for $141.99 on Amazon.  If you like to start creating awesome designs.  Check out this YouTube video for step by step. 

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