Adit Live Showcase Brands For Self-Care Needs

On May 24th to 25th of 2023, Adit Live showcased companies from skincare, haircare, and beauty brands. The brands offered their everyday self-care needs.  It's always important to give yourself self-care.  If you don’t take of yourself nobody will.  The first thing people notice is your face.  We don't want to look abandoned.  Take the time to pamper and do self-care.  First impressions do matter.

Some of the brands you may know and others not.  You may have seen some of their products in stores.  l wanted to share their products with you.  It was great to meet the brand owners in person!  They shared insightful information about their products.

Without no further a do!  Check out the brands that attended Adit Live below.  

The brands in the image were beia, m2u - nyc -, Seis Cosmetics, SAMREENS VANITY, vor HAIRCARE, iYURA, FLYTE.70, GESKE, REVIVE COLLAGEN, Clean It Zero, Vike, LHAMOUR, RG Cosmetics, EDGEU, MORA Cosmetics, SCENTUAL, Blushing LA, FRE, SOL INOTES, dip, SOAK IT UP, SCENTS OF EUROPE, SOLINOTES, iero, Radial, and more brands attended.  Feel free to check out all the brands l shared with you.

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