The Best Kids Gift

During the pandemic kids tend to get bored very easy.  A lot of places are closed.  As a mom, I look for ways for my kids to enjoy themselves.  It's either go shopping online or go to the store.

Kids are always into going out and doing things.  I have got The Best Kids Gift for you!  If you haven't heard of GoTrax should check them out.  GoTrax has this cool GKS Electric Scooter For Kids.  It has 6 inch tires and rides smooth.  This scooter is durable and will last for many years to come.

My son Davian took it for a few rides.  He said, "It was easy to maneuver and fun ride.  He looks happy and that is what matters.  The GKS Electric Scooter is The Best Kids Gift!  Check the YouTube video to see the scooter in action.  

Feature Details: 
  • 4 miles per charge
  • 7.5 mph
  • 6" solid rubber tires
  • 150 watt motor & 25.2 V battery
  • Suggested rider height 5 ft or less

The GKS Electric Scooter For Kids retail price is $99.99.  It comes available in different colors.  To view this scooter visit

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