The Benefits Of Yoga

If you have tried yoga.  There are good reasons why you should give it a try.  Did you know yoga helps lower back pain, decrease chronic pain, headaches, arthritis, improve sexual function, increase energy, strengthen immune system, lower risk of heart disease, relieve muscle tension, and feel your body transform for the better?  Along with yoga, mediation lowers stress levels, anxiety, gain spiritual fulfillment, and awareness.  Your body will feel different and peaceful.  The benefits of yoga is connection of body, mind, and spirit.  You will feel yoga improve your health inside and out.  

All you have to do is practice yoga poses "asanas" in Sanskrit regularly with breathing exercises "pranayama" in Sanskrit and meditation.  Hugger Mugger has products to help you along with yoga and meditation.  Their zen meditation cushion prints and zabuton meditation pillow is great for yoga and mediation.  This will help you start your journey on yoga and meditation.  They have different colors and styles.
I use the zen meditation cushion prints and zabuton meditation pillow in the morning and at night for yoga and meditation.  Using the cushion and pillow has helped to make me feel comfortable, relaxed, relieved stress, and anxiety.  My life has changed for the better after doing yoga and mediation.  The energy and peace I feel inside and out is like no other.  It's like being closer to God and happier in life. 

There cushion and pillow is great for the support in meditation and yoga.  For information to get a zen meditation cushion prints and zabuton meditation pillow visit  You can use the discount code Benefit20 for 20% off of retail purchase. 

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