New Year's, New You

Now that 2017 is coming to an end, everyone is waiting for 2018 to come.   Some people are hoping for a new beginning, career, love life or for a beauty makeover.  It's up to you and to make your New Year's resolution happen.  It's time for that change to make yourself feel happy and fulfilled. 

This is going to be the most beautiful year yet.  It's time to stop giving up on pampering yourself.  Some women need to put time and make themselves look beautiful than ever.  There's no better time than the New Year's.  Treat yourself to the New Year's, New You.  INIKA is a 100% natural, organic or vegan makeup brand that has safe ingredients to protect your skin.

You know what you are putting on your skin won't harm it.  They have an array of products for the face, eyes, brushes, lips, kits, and gifts.   Here are a few INIKA Organic products listed to get yourself on the right track for the New Year's, New You. 

The colors are beautiful!  I love how flawless my face looks and eyes stand out.  The lipstick complements my skin complexion.  INIKA is just perfect for celebrating the New Year's.  

Are you ready for the New Year's,  New You?    INIKA Organic looks forward to celebrating 2018 for your resolution in the truly beautiful skin.  Find everything you need and more at

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