Keeping Your Kids Moving In The New Year

There is something kids need and request one or two.  As parents, we only go out of our way to make our kids happy.  Just to see them smile make us feel good.  It's okay to spoil them but not all the time.  That's being a good parent.  Our kids will be more thankful.

It's almost 2018 and time to bring in the New Year's with new sneakers for the kid's.  By now, your child has worn out their school sneakers.  Bobbi-Toads is everything on your kids wishlist.  They have styles for boys and girls.  Their sneakers light up from the side and in the front.  The color designs are awesome!  You can even paint the toes of the sneakers.

Davian and Davin got the 4 Boomz sneakers.  They love the five LED lights and jump up and down and tap the sneakers together to watch them light-up.  The sneakers can light up as the boys walk too.  These sneakers will keep my kids moving.  I want to get another pair for my other son.  David likes their sneakers too.  

Bobbi-Toads will make your kids happy, and it did for my kids!  Their sneakers come available in size 7 toddler to 9 women.  Their size varies depending on availability.  Check their products from paintable and light-up sneakers, nail polish, stickers and gift cards at    

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