Tech Toys For Kids

Kids like toys that are creative, innovative and fun.  They like exploring and playing with toys.  Meaningful play that creates smiles.  They will become a little scientist and open to experience. Imagination is essential in the learning process and can advance cognitive development.  It's positive moments that last for memories to come.  Kids have the chance to work with their hands for problem-solving.  What tech toy can make a creation with possibilities? 

Can you imagine the possibilities to a cool tech toy for kids?  The 3D Fright Factory Creature Creator and Fright Factory Ewwgoo is the perfect toy.  It uses the special light EwwGoo gel to make creepy creations on molds.  The Fright Factory creates spiders, centipedes, scorpions, rats, bats, and more on an ultra-safe LED light. It does not heat and uses just light.  

My kids had fun creating their own creepy creatures.  My older son put to much gel in the molds.  It was a bit sticky.  I advise putting less EwwGoo gel and store in a cool place for better results.  They want to get more molds to create more creatures.

3D Fright Factory Creature Creator Includes:

  • 1 Creature Creator 
  • 2 EwwGoo Gels 
  • 3 Creepy Molds
Creepy Creatures Theme Pack Includes:
  • 3 Molds
  • 2 EwwGoo Gels
Fright Factory is suitable for kids 6+.   The 3D Fright Factory Creature Creator retails for $29.99 and Creepy Creatures Theme Pack $9.99.  The Creature Creator requires three double AA batteries.  To find out more about these toys visit You can find Fright Factory at Toys R Us.  


Anita Anderson said...

I can see my son playing with this too. He likes how it glows.

Batts said...

These are really cool. Back when my brother and I were kids, lol 20-some years ago, thhey had some similar creepy crawly kits out there. We had a lot of fun making those weird gross gummies and freaking my mom out. lol It's awesome to see that there's still something like it on the market and actually even better. Looks like a blast - I really think I need to get this for my nephew for Christmas!

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