Three Rides Kids Will Rave About

Undoubtedly, we all have our own fond memories of some great rides from our childhood. Every parent wants his or her child to be happy. Kids want to have fun.  It's good to take your child out for a ride on their scooter, skates or bikes.  We have all heard our children say, "I'm bored" many times.  These moments are the ones that we all will cherish.    

We've got three rides kids will rave about.  The three Razor toys are Tekno Kick Scooter, RipStik Electric, and Party Pop Kick Scooter.  These toys are hot your kids' wish list. Your children will have fun riding on it and it is great for on-the-go. Razor has a great variety of products for kids.    The weather is just great to be outdoors. This is the perfect time to have kids ride around on them. Kids should enjoy the outdoors with a Tekno Kick Scooter, RipStik Electric or Party Pop Kick Scooter.  Both boys and girls will enjoy the ride! 

Davian was happy to open his Razor Tekno Kick Scooter.  He 's has wanted a new scooter.  I didn't expect him to get the scooter together by himself.  He clipped both of the handles on and the metal pole to the scooter. The scooter has cool lights that light up.  Davian was ready to go and ride the scooter. I took him out the next day.  Once outside he picked up speed and rode the scooter smoothly.  He enjoyed riding the scooter.  

The Razor Tekno Kick Scooter Includes: (Retails 49.99)

  • Polypropylene deck features 12 built-in pulsating blue LEDs 
  • Rear fender brake for safe stops 
  • Durable urethane wheels 
  • Steel, non-folding downtube for a sturdy design 
  • Comfy foam grips for holding on tight 
  • Requires two CR2032 lithium batteries (included) 
  • Maximum weight capacity: 143 lb. 
  • Razor Teckno Kick Scooter 
  • Two CR2032 lithium batteries

Emily is my son's friend.  Davian and Emily go to the same school.  They both became friends.  My kids spend time with Emily.  I gave her the Razor Party Pop Kick Scooter.  She was happy to get it and opened the box.  I helped out and put the scooter together.  She got on the scooter and started riding it.  I enjoyed watching her have fun and ride around.  She thanked me for giving her the scooter.

The Razor Party Pop Kick Scooter Includes: (Retails 49.99)

  • 12 multicolor LED lights provide a fun light show built into the polypropylene deck
  • Rear fender brake for quick stops 
  • Sturdy, non-folding steel frame, and downtube 
  • Urethane wheels for smooth riding throughout the neighborhood 
  • Foam grips are comfortable to hold 
  • Kick-powered 
  • Requires two CR2032 batteries (included) 
  • Razor Party Pop Kick Scooter
  • Maximum weight capacity: 143 lb. 

David was so excited when Razor RipStik Electric arrived.  He opened the box so fast and couldn't stop smiling.  My son was pleased that the Razor RipStik Electric came with a controller and two AAA batteries. The next day I took him outside.  He tried riding it but needs to practice.  He couldn't keep himself on it for long.  It speeds up quickly.  My son needs to keep his balance.  He'll continue to practice and within time, ride like a pro.  

The Razor RipStik Electric Caster Board - Black/Blue Features: (Retails $179.99)

  • Urethane front caster wheel for turning and steering 
  • Uses new Power Core ™ technology In-wheel hub motor (100 watts)  
  • Maintenance free Lithium polymer battery Speeds up to 10 miles per hours (16 kilometer/hours) Up to 40 minutes of continuous use  
  • Molded traction deck provides non-skid surface 
  • Fiber-reinforced nylon material is strong and shatter-proof (like all RipStik products) 
  • In-mold carry handle  Ages: 8 and up Max rider weight: 120 pounds (54 kilograms)  
  • Some assembly required

You can find local retailers to get the Razor Tekno Kick Scooter, Razor RipStik Electric and Razor Party Pop Kick Scooter at Razor.  Your kids will rave to have these rides.  


Unknown said...

Those scooters look really fun! I like the colors of the scooters. The hands free scooter looks like it will really help kids keep their core muscles strong.

nellwyn said...

I had a scooter like that when I was a kid and I loved it! I remember it was great for zooming to my piano lessons after school

Liz Mays said...

The LED lights are super fun on these. THis is something that the kids can do into the fall for a while too.

MikiHope said...

I had a scooter when I was a kid but nothing like these!! Back then they were larger and no bells or whistles--mine was red--of course that was many many many years ago!! Your son looks so happy and a kick scooter is great exercise!

Divya @ EatTeachBlog said...

The razor scooter!! Oh my gosh, I LOVED mine!! (Granted when I had mine, I wasn't as young as these kiddos but regardless, what a fun way to get around!)

Christine said...

This is so timely for me. My kids both have "baby-ish" scooters and we just discussed yesterday looking around for some new ones to put on their christmas lists. Thanks for the info!

Adrianas Best Recipes said...

Veery cool toys, perfect options for an 8 year old like my grandson. We need to start saving for Christmas. This will me a must in our list =)

Erlene said...

Yup, my kids had Razors and a Ripstick when they were younger and loved it. Except our Ripstick wasn't electric.

Unknown said...

We have a scooter like that and my daughter loves it when growing up. Perfect gift for the holiday.

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