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What's The Hot Toy For This Christmas?

12:06 AM Francisca 31 Comments

Christmas is that special time of the year when families celebrate with food, drinks, gifts and laughter. Kids make a list what they want for Christmas. The last thing you want is your children running to the tree on Christmas morning, ripping off the wrapping paper and be disappoint.   Parents want to give their kids gifts they want.   Seeing the happiness on their face is priceless.   Sometimes toys are a bit expensive.  Make sure to save some money months before December.  Saving $40 to $50 a month can help to buy that gift your kids desires.  Christmas shopping at the last moment can get you broke.  Always think ahead and prepare for Christmas.  

Kids want toy's what have many features.  We've got a toy that your kids will love!  It has an innovative technology to keep your child entertained.  The hot toy for this Christmas is Echo Tech RC Max Rumber.  It can do eight stunts from side flip, hyper spin, 360 loop, 360 spin, stand, side flip and somersault.  This vehicle can be used for outdoors, indoors, high-speed and high-performance race.   

The kids got turns playing with the Echo Tech RC Max Rumber.  They enjoyed making the vehicle move using all the features, and their favorite is the somersault.  It's a cool toy to them.   The kids put the car to race and see which one can get it to the other side faster.  This toy is packed with fun and adventure.  It's a must-have for the kids who love to compete, play, race and have fun.  Kids Finds For Christmas is good. 

This a great Christmas gift.  The Echo Tech RC Max Rumber is suitable for ages 8+.  It's available at Walmart and other major retailers this August for a $14.99 MSRP.   You can get more information about the toy at  


Ben Butler said...

That looks awesome! I've seen video of this RC toy, and it's pretty amazing. I actually want to get one for myself. Shh... Don't tell anybody.

Tami Q said...

My little guy has recently shown an interest in remote control cars. I think we will enjoy this for his birthday. The price is pretty good compared to other RC toys.

This looks like something that my nephew would love. I think even my husband would want one.

Brandy Ellen said...

This looks like a pretty fun toy for Christmas. I am sure my sons would be all over it, especially my youngest child!

What a very cool toy to play with and enjoy! Your young boys looked like there were having the time of their life. We use to play with remote cars growing up, so I know I would have a ball.

My boys would go absolutely CRAZY over this because they love anything with wheels...and especially when there are remotes that go with the wheels. I can't believe I'm thinking about Christmas gifts already...eek!

Nikki said...

My son loves RC cars. I am so sure that he is going to love it if he will receive one for Christmas.

Oh how fun. RC cars area always a hit with kiddos. This is a very updated version of a fun RC car! I know that both of my kids would love it!

How fun! My kids love these type of toys as well, so I know that they would love these, too! I'll have to keep them in mind.

Michelle said...

Oh my goodness, Christmas. I'm not ready ;) But this does look like a great toy for my boys.

MidgetMomma said...

I am so not ready to start thinking about the holidays yet. But this looks like an awesome gift idea for kids! It looks like a TON of fun too!

I have a four year old and I'm certain that this will be on his list too. He is all about toy cars, but he has never had one like this! Can't wait for Christmas this year!

Kathy BP said...

That looks like a lot of fun. I would love to have that toy for myself haha! My girls would have a lot of fun with it as well.

Ok, now THAT looks like a fun toy that even my 14 year old would like to play with. She might even share it with her mom! Good point to start saving now for Christmas gifts to lessen that financial strain.

This toy looks like so much fun! I bet it will be very popular this year for the holidays.

What a fun toy! My 6 year old loves remote controlled toys. She would love this.

Oooh, that looks so cool! A toy that my nephew would absolutely love :D Thank you for sharing this. I now have a gift idea in store ;)

April Mims said...

Oh my goodness.....this looks so fun! My grandson is a little too young still but I'm sure he will love it when he gets older.

BrettBMartin said...

I"m not ready for christmas yet! Make it stop! I haven't even started school shopping yet...

That's a cool toy! I am sure my son will love this for Christmas

Mrs ABC said...

Looks cool!!!! I wonder if my girls would love it too.

My son has two of these! Boys are always lookimng for some new toys.

Lynndee said...

I agree, seeing the happiness on their faces is priceless. :) That is such a cool toy. My son would love that for sure.

Awww how cute and I bet this is a fun toy. I've been trying to figure out what to get the grand kids for Christmas. I'll have to check this out.

The Echo Tech RC Max Rumber does look like it would make a great christmas gift for my nephew. I love that it is so inexpensive too so my christmas budget will like it too.

I'm adding this to my kids' Christmas list. They love things like this. Thanks for sharing.

I love that it can move so fast and does somersaults. That's the type of toy I could see my boys wanting for Christmas.

Gosh I never thought about Christmas yet and it is only couple months away. This year is going by so fast.

Sara Lehman said...

My kids would have so much fun with this! But, let's be honest... I would have to also get one for my husband to keep harmony between Dad and Kids! HA!

Oh man, when I first saw that, I was hoping it was something that I could ride on lol. That would have been cool.

I've heard of these and it looks just as fantastic as I thought it'd be! My girls would love racing each other.