The Ultimate Holiday Toy

Haven't you thought what a child's ultimate toy is?  Kids go around saying I want that toy and say no this one.  Kids sometimes can't make up their mind.  The ultimate toy is something out of the ordinary, stands out and has so many features.  It would be a toy your child will say wow!  If you're celebrating a holiday or birthday for that special someone. Make the gift one-of-a-kind your child will love.   Your child loves the toy when he/she sleeps with it.  

It's your latest scoop to the ultimate toy pick for you.  Have you heard of My Friend Cayla PartyTime?  It's an 18-inch doll with the outfit just like a real friend.  Cayla can answer back when you talk to her, play games and tells stories.  She has an accessory pack and can recognize the items when you put it in her hand.  She knows facts about people, places, nature and things. You can use wireless internet to connect Cayla to your smart device via Bluetooth.  She can speak with or without a smart device.  My Friend Cayla PartyTime is the ultimate toy!  There is no toy like Cayla.  She is one-of-a-kind!  She speaks to you, sings, shares photos with you and more. The fun is endless with Cayla.  

Kathy was so excited to open the box to get Cayla.  She got the doll out and took the accessories too.  She started playing with Cayla and her accessories.  It was nice to see her smile.  She likes, Cayla can talk to her and sing.  It's her favorite toy!  The fun is endless with Cayla.  


She has a cute, stylish and colorful dress.  The accessories complement her dress.
Cayla accessories is a gift box, brush, birthday cards & wishlist, party hat, teddy bear, cup and piece of cake.  The doll retails in stores for $69.99.  To find out more about My Friend Cayla PartyTime visit  You can buy her at Walmart and Target.

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CrescentFire said...

Aaah! This looks so cute! I think this is something that my niece would absolutely love. Thank you so much for sharing. Now I have an idea on what to give her :D

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