How To Keep Your Face Clean

When it comes to the skin.  Everyone's skin is different.  We can have oily, dry, normal, sensitive and combination skin.  It great to pamper your skin and improve your skin's appearance.  I've got a great product that can help your skin encourages healthy blood flow and more!

The Sonic Touch Cleansing System helps to properly deep clean your pores.  It's good for all skin types.  Have your face and neck feeling refreshed, smooth, and radiant.  Exfoliation removes dead skin cells for a youthful skin.  I've used the Sonic Touch on my face and works great!  It has made my skin soft, renewed and clean.


The Sonic Touch Cleansing System is for face and neck.  It has a 2-speed micro-pulsating combined with stimulating silicone-cleansing points.  The dual silicone cleansing surfaces has a fine cleaning side for gentle use and other side with a broad cleansing for deeper cleansing. The circulation motion helps to massage the skin.  You must properly clean your skin to prevent pores from clogging.  It's recommended to use your favorite facial cleanser with the Sonic Touch twice a day.  The innovation of the product is to exfoliate to remove dead skin cells, brighten complexion, prevent breakouts and unclog pores.  It should be charged for 4-5 hours before use and cleaned after each use.  You don't need to replace brushes.

System Includes:

1 Waterproof 2-speed pulsating tool
1 USB compatible charging cord
Instruction Manual

The Sonic Touch Cleansing System retails for $34.99.  You can visit to purchase one online at Rite Aid.

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