Stimulate Your Kids Motor Skills

BRIO has created quality products since 1800's.  They've created toys and games that will shortly bring back childhood memories and for today's children generation.  The toys help support children's growth development.  BRIO's toys and games are for infant to adult years.
An all time toy for kids is the BRIO Horse.  This toy is suitable for kids 12 months+.  It has a string attached to the BRIO Horse and used by pushing or pulling.  Kids will have a lot of adventures playing on the floor.  

Davin has fun pushing and pulling the horse around.  He can use it for a while and keeps him entertained.  This toy stimulates motor skills.  My son does need help with his development.  The toy encourages movement by walking, running, pushing and pulling.  The horse helps develop his coordination, balance and muscle strength.  He's a 2 year old and has high-energy.  The BRIO Horse provides him fun and play.  It's a great way to release his energy.  

The BRIO Horse retail price is $24.99.  You can checkout the BRIO Horse or buy one at  
BRIO has another fun and interactive toy.  I want to introduce their Remote Control Travel Train.  The toy is suitable for children 3+ years.  It requires 4 x AA batteries and not included.  The controller has a easy to use reverse and stop functions with different speeds. It comes available with four pieces.  The Remote Control Travels Train has two channels in frequencies.  The RC and train does lose connection in certain feet of distance. Overall it's great for a child's first RC toy.

Davin got his first Remote Control Travel Train.  He enjoys watching the train move forward and back.  He even grabs the train to move it another direction.  Davin will get the hang of it and learn to work the RC and train properly.  My son plays with the girl figure toy.  It's nice that in comes with the four pieces.  I enjoy watching him play and have fun.  BRIO provides exactly what my son needs to learn and explore! 

The BRIO Remote Control Travels Train retail price is $39.99.  To get more information or buy one visit

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