Seven Things Dogs Do for Attention

We can't encourage bad behavior.  Pay attention to a dogs want and needs.   If a dog barks at her owner as if to say, "I'm here! Look at me," – that's perfectly acceptable communication if your dog has something to convey and is otherwise being ignored. Communite to your dog and pet her.  Attention to a dog means a lot.  
Seven Things 
1. Whines
2. Barks
3. Bites
4. Jumping on you
5. Pawing on you
6. Sitting on your feet
7. Lack of physical activities

Satisfy your dogs needs will help her behavior.  Attention seeking behaviors is sometimes never addressed or we encourage it in the beginning, and then it becomes a problem.  Any reinforcement of the old unwanted behavior at all will delay the retraining period.  If your dog whines, barks, bites or jumps on you.   The issue must be addressed.  Is it possible to train your dog, that jumps on you, on other people or barks?  Well yes!  You have to put time and dedication.   The training and repeated phase commands will be needed and performed on a regular bases.  You must be consistant in order for your dog to understand.  If you give up on your dog.  Don't expect for her to learn and stop the issue behaviors.  

The dog learned at some point in time that a particular behavior brings some type of reward (either good or bad).  Don't address every behavior with a treat.  A simple prase command to your dog (good girl) or other prase command helps to train.  Only use simple prase commands to train your dog.   Your dog isn't a human to understand, as we do.  Stick to the training and don't expect your dog to learn a task in one day.  Learning a task will take longer at times.  Some dogs are slow learners and others pick up a task quickly.  

When a dog is sitting by your feet.  At times a dog is bored, bites and needs physical activities.  You must provide fun for your dog.  Take her outside for a walk, run or to the park.  Get a ball and play with her at the park.  This will relieve your dogs stress and change her mood.  Your dog will be happy and helps with her behavior.  

Your dog can tell your body mood and acts on your behavior.  Be calm and patient when training for better results. 

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