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WowWee developed a break through in consumer technologies, that led into imaginative, gadgets and toys for kids and adults.  Their creative designs are high tech toys.  They have released free SDKs allowing people to develop apps using their products.  WowWee innovative product line is Mip Miposaur, Robosapien blue, Snap Pets, Elegtrokidz, Karma Kitty, Groove Cube Shutter, Rovio Pivot, Tipster, RC Minis, Robosapien X, Roborartor X, R.E.V. Tech and R.E.V. Battles. 

WowWee has a cool and fun toys a kid and adult can play.  The Miposaur is a new friend.  It responds to 10 basic commands and reacts differently depending on its mood.  The sensors lets it move right, left, spin clockwise, counterclockwise, back hold, dual hold, front hold, clap x2, push forward, tail pull, clap x3 and swipe left or right.  Miposaur moves with the TrackBall and the Miposaur app.  

My son David really wanted a Miposaur.  He loves how Miposaur follows the TrackBall.  The toy is his future prehistoric dinosaur.  He just loves how easy it is to activate the TrackBall. My son flicks the switch to right and blue LEDs light up.  If the TrackBall is shaken Miposaur can dance and follows the ball.  David also uses his hands to manipulate Miposaur to move and walk.  David loves his toy and enjoys playing with it.


Miposaur comes with a TrackBall.  The TrackBall has 6 different game modes: leash, food, ball, dance, teddy bear, beatbox and each mode are represented in a different color. Misposaur has 10 commands and reacts depending on his mood.  He has three basic modes: excited, curious and annoyed.  Misposaur has an app.  You can get the app for Miposaur at  The app has game modes: Miposaur drive, Miposaur feed and battle mode.  I recommend the Miposaur to kids and adults.  It would make a great holiday gift.  It has so many features for loads of fun.  The Miposaur retails for $93.28.  Price varies depending in store.  To get one for yourself, a child or friend visit

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I LOVE dinosaurs! That Miposaur looks so cool. I remember having one of those robotic dogs toys when I was a kid but I would have loved to have a dino version <3

spiffykerms said...

Pretty sure my two little nephews would go absolutely bonkers over this lil' dino! I'll have ot look it up to see how much it is - because usually I'm the "fun aunt" who gets them all sorts of goodies hehe!!!!

Christy G said...

This sounds like a fun toy. I'm sure my youngest would like something similar to this in a few years. He is a bit young and my other son is a bit old. I love technology.

Maddi'sMommy said...

My daughter loves both dinosaurs and anything remote control so this would be a huge hit!

RUSS said...

This is super cool. It looks like the stuff that we usually see in the movies and now, we can actually own one ( or more ). This would make a great Christmas present. I'm sure it's going to be a blockbuster.

These are so cool! I wish they had these when I was young, lol! Awesome gift idea.

That is cool! My husband put this on my son's wish list for Christmas. I didn't know it did all that! So neat!

Anosa said...

Looks and sounds like a really great toy, I have never heard of miposaur before but love the idea behind it and would make such a lovely present for my dinosaur loving nephews

Unknown said...

What a cool toy! I bet my husband would find this really neat, even though he's not a kid!

Unknown said...

This sounds like such a fun toy! I know my son would have a blast with this toy.

Lisa said...

my kids would love this! What a fun great toy!

Unknown said...

I wish they would of had these when my boys were young. My one son couldn't get enough of dinosaurs.This toy looks like it would be great. My grandson would be beside himself with a toy like this.

Polarbelle said...

now that's a toy!! A child of any age can move it with the TrackBall. How fun!

The Miposaur sounds like it would be a lot of fun for any kid big or small to play with. I love this toy for sure and I know my nephews would too.

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness. I would be so thrilled on this and the same way with my niece and brother, I bet, haha!

Hahaha! This is so cute! I love it. AND my kids would love it too :) What a fun toy - perfect gift for Christmas :)

Unknown said...

I think my kids would go nuts for this dinosaur. All they talk about is dinosaurs and this is something I think they would get hours of fun out of.