Kids Must-Have Holiday Gift

Thinkway Toys company is based in Canada.  Their responsible for producing and distributors of toys and figures from notably Star wars, Wall-E, Toy Story and Disney Films.

A Disney Pixar Collection is their U-Command Wall-E.  It comes with infrared remote control.  My son David tested the toy using the remote control.  The robot can carry commands.  It has 10 action buttons to control movement forward, voice, sound effects. expressions, turns & dancing.  David used the power signal and programmed to do some action combinations.  It can do over 1000+ action combinations.  my son is happy to see Wall-E light up its eyes, move turning track wheels and has animated arms. David enjoys playing with Wall-E follow his commands.


Disney Pixar U-Command Wall-E is one of a kind.  Make Wall-E do what you want!  Kids will love to get away with bossing someone around.  The toy can do so much and kids will have a lot of fun.  it has realistic expressions, original movie voice and movement and more. The figure stands over 9 in height and uses 7 AA batteries.  I wish the toy used less batteries. Batteries can become expensive.  The better option is to use rechargeable batteries.  It will save you in money.  Overall, it's a great toy!.  My son loves his toy.  I recommend the U-Command Wall-E.  It's full of action, fun and the features are unbeatable.  The retail price U-Command Wall-E is $59.99.  The price varies in stores.  

You can check or buy the Disney Pixar U-Command Wall-E at Toy R Us.  Wall-E makes a great toy for a kids holiday gift!  Stay connected with Thinkway Toys for product deals and more on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.  

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