Stylish Performance Apparel

Soybu is based in Denver, Colorado and  has been creating performance apparel since 1998. Their vision is to empower women busy, in everyday life to look feminine.  Soybu performance apparel is stylish and eco-friendly fibers are long-lasting.  Soybu product line is for men, women, tops, bottoms, dresses, swim & spa, Soybu girls and accessories. 

When it comes to feeling comfortable and staying fit.  I like wearing clothes that lets me breath.   I exercise twice a day.  Soybu has clothes that are perfect for my everyday routines. I workup a sweat and like feeling the burn.  The exercises are giving me results.   The apparel I am wearing from Soybu is Starburst Tank - color dark forest, Alecia Tank - color black and Allegro Legging - color Dark Forest, in size medium.  

The green weights are 5 pounds.  It's the right amount to tone my upper arms by going up and down with my arms.  Soybu clothing is giving me the support for my workout.

This exercise is heel touches.  The workout helps to reduce belly fat and tone abs.  I'd do it 4 times and count to 20 daily.

I'm doing knee raise crunches.  This can give a nice burn on my abs and help tone it.  I really like how Soybu clothing feels on my body.  It tightens where I need it and lets me be flexible. The clothing is made of spandex and polyester.  

I am doing up-and-down squats using the resistance band to workout my entire body.  I am wearing the Alecia Tank and Allegro Legging.  This tank isn't snug on the waist as the Starburt Tank.  If you like a looser fit tank with more room.  This would be the perfect for you.  The legging is just great.  I am happy to be able to try the Soybu fitness clothing.  I love the performance I can do and quality in their clothing.  


Soybu fitness clothing is nicely stitched.  They have stylish clothing designs and colors. Their product line offers so many selections.  You do get a great workout performance and comfort wearing their clothes.  Their apparel runs from sizes xs to plus size.  If you are a person who sweats a lot. They have accessories in head bands and a cool Zoimou Pak. The Zoimou Pak is a belted style zippered band to hold your essentials.


Anita Anderson said...

I like the style of the clothing. I do not like the tops to be too tight as I need it to be looser and from your comments I see that you can get it to fit just right.

Francisca said...

Yes Soybu fits comfortable. It's not to tight.

Jacki said...

These looks super cute! I'm always on the hunt for cute AND comfortable workout clothes and I haven't heard of this brand. Thanks for all the info!

Diana Chastain said...

I have heard of this brand before. You look great. I don't know if I would be able to pull it off...yet! I am on Nutrisystem and I don't see the end in sight yet, but it is getting closer. :)

Unknown said...

This looks really cute. I never heard of them before. It looks really comfortable too.

Unknown said...

I hadn't heard of this brand, but if they are comfortable, I am going to have to check them out, thanks!

Alyssa Collazo said...

I am loving this brand! I am definitely going to check them out now. Thank you for sharing.

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