Orchard Corset - Vedette 103/149 POWERFUL Latex Waist Cincher Review

11:43 AM Francisca 9 Comments

Have you wanted to look thinner?  It's hard to find a top that fits nice. Don't stress on what top to wear.  I found just the perfect piece for you to look thinner.  The Vedette 103/149 POWERFUL Latex Waist Cincher fits comfortably and tucks in belly.  You can't even tell I have belly fat.  It's been hard to loose the belly fat after I had my son.  I can wear the waist cincher all day.  It's one of the best waist cincher's.  I weigh 164 lbs and got it a size large. The waist cincher gives me a thinner appearance.  It fits your true size.  If your a medium in tops.  You should get it a medium.


The Vedette 103/149 POWERFUL Latex Waist Cincher has a soft inner and outer nylon and spandex lining material.  It's made of 100% natural latex.  It can be used for 24 hours without feeling discomfort. The waist cincher doesn't roll up. It can help in weight loss and postpartum recovery.  You'll get target and shape in the abdomen and back for a deep compression.  I don't feel out of breath or a pinch wearing it.  The quality in the waist cincher is superb.  It was nicely stitched and put together.  

You should consider purchasing a Vedette 103/149 POWERFUL Latex Waist Cincher.  It will make you look and feel sexy.  Overall, it's the best in comfort!  Check the Vedette 103/149 POWERFUL Latex Waist Cincher for yourself or a friend at The waist cincher retails for $59.99.  You can get the waist cincher in sizes 2X-Small to 3X-Large.  It comes in colors black and beige.

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I have been debating trying a corset, so reading this was interesting. I think I might give one a try!

Jessica said...

If I was ever going to consider wearing a corset, the comfort level would definitely be a top concern. It sounds like this is relatively comfortable and would be easy to wear even for a longer period of time!

I am Harriet said...

I remember having to wear a corset when I was pregnant and needed back support. I probably would not wear one today though

I've never tried using one before! Definitely makes me want to test one out! Thanks!

Maggie King said...

I may try this if exercising doesn't help. I have heard a lot of people using these after having a baby!

Esme Sy said...

I've never tried using a corset before. That one looks really nice.

Esme Sy said...

This one looks comfortable enough. I might have to try it.

Liz Mays said...

I'm actually quite curious about corsets. I may try this out myself!

I haven't gotten my stomach to go down after baby #2 and I have an umbilical hernia, so I don't know if I could use this, but it looks amazing.