Does Latex Waist Cincher Work?

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Feel Foxy was created by a woman that had the desire for a nice rear trunk.  Her store opened in 2004 and women from all over the world shop at Feel Foxy.  They sell figure enhancing products, with but enhancers, patented padded panties, shapewear, swimwear, clothing, intimates and also available in plus size.

It's so hard loosing weight after having a child.  It takes my body a while for it to go back to my regular weight.  I needed a waist cincher that helped on my tummy area.  Feel Foxy sent me their Ann Chery Clasica Latex Waist Cincher, in black.  I fit in a large and the cincher fit perfectly.  They have so many cincher's to choose from.   The waist cincher fits snug and secure.  It gives the needed compession for my tummy to look flat.  It's high waisted latex covers all my tummy.  It really makes me look thinner.  It's not noticeable under the tops, I wear. I wear tops that fit comfortable and look good with the waist cincher. The waist cincher helps to make me feel and look good.  I'm wearing it wherever and whenever!

Ann Chery Clasica Latex Waist Cincher is available is black/nude, in sizes XS-30 to 3XL-42. It retails for $60.00.  The garment is latex band lined with ultra-soft cotton.  When purchasing the waist cincher get it in your size.  A smaller size will not fit.  The Ann Chery Clasica Latex Waist Cincher helps to work your muscles to help promote weight loss.  The garment should be used underneath your clothes for at least 8 hours for a month.  You should see a reduction in your waistline.  For more information and purchasing one for yourself visit Feel Foxy.  

Feel Foxy sells quality brands and durable products.  You can check other products that would fit your needs at Feel Foxy.  To find out about offers follow Feel Foxy on their social networks at FacebookTwitter and YouTube.  


Nat Marie said...

interesting. I don't think I'd ever wear one.. I'll probably just work out to get it to where I want it to be!

It doesn't look the most comfortable, but its good to hear it actually works :)

There has been a couple of times where I wished I had something like this. I would totally wear this if I needed it.

Danielle said...

I have considered using a corset but I have had one to many compression type under garments and they all make it totally hard for me to breathe.

Sometimes I think I could use one of those.

Mandi said...

I don't know if I could wear one. I don't think it would be very comfortable, and I'm sure it takes getting used to, but how active can you be while wearing one?

My cousins love these. They do really help shape your body. I don't think I will ever wear one because my comfort is sacred to me.

I imagine it can't be too comfortable, but it would definitely make me look thinner. Amber N

Kung Phoo said...

I guess this is something good for some women to feel better about themselves.. but i honestly do not think anyone should have to do that..

Hey Mandi, I do cheat and sometimes but I need to stick with my diet and wear the garment. Yes you have to get use to it and after the second to third time your okay.

Lois Jones said...

I'm not sure that is something I could ever wear. I don't like elastic pants cinching me at all, so I think this would get to me. I'll stick to my exercise.

I think this looks really cool! I have to share this with a friend soon!

Anonymous said...

Looks cool for some women. I'm not sure I'd wear it, but I bet a lot of women would.

Maggie King said...

I have a few friends that wear these and swear by them!

Feel Foxy, Ann Chery Clasica Latex Waist Cincher Review- I may try this. Although it looks like it would ride up and be as super uncomfortable as the others. Similar styles. Worth a try though ;)

I don't think I could wear one of those, lol. What is wrong with some extra curves? I am glad that it works for you and one be good to have for special occasions if I needed to wear a certain dress and I was feeling bloated.

Nice post. I am very interested in waist training...i hope to start soon and lose weight! lol :)