The New Beech-Nut Baby Food

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Beech-Nut has made real natural baby food since, 1931.   The baby food is real whole fruits and vegetables and sometimes grains and beans are in the jar.  There are no artificial colors or preservatives. Their baby food are by age from infant to toddlers, in stage 1 to stage 4.  The produce is a vacuum-sealed in industry standard.  They insure gentle cooking method for freshness and without adding water, so their food is never over-processed.   


The new Beech-Nut line of baby food.  Will give Davin new fruits and vegetables to taste. This is how he will learn the taste of food.  Beech-Nut really makes natural and essential nutrients.  We love to see our son happy eating his food.  The new jar is cute and our son gets more food.

We received the four Beech-Nut 4.25 oz baby food.  Davin enjoyed the Beech-Nut just carrots stage 1, beets, pear & pomegranate stage 2.  The consistency of the food is sooth and tasty for our son. Davin was looking at the empty jar, wanting more.  Today Davin, tried the last two flavors.  It's the Beech-Nut just honeycrisp apples - stage 1 and just spinach, zucchini & peas - stage 2.  We like the new Beech-Nut has more mixed vegetables and fruits.  It gives our son more varieties of food to eat.

There are just over forty new Beech-Nut baby food.  You can view some pictures of the new line. Your baby will love the new great flavors.   Some of the new flavors are Just Honey Crisp Apple, Pears & Pomegranate, Raspberry & Asparagus and much more. Beech-Nut should of thought about this sooner.  Be on the look out for the new baby food.  Their new Beech-Nut line will be available in stores, including Wal-Mart, Kroger, Meijer and public, in spring 2014.  A Beech-Nut baby food retails for $1.09.

Beech-Nut has different foods available.  To find out what foods you can buy for your child.  Like Beech-Nut on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.  You can also visit their website at

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Lawna Noe said...

My sister in law just had a baby boy. I will have to recommend these to her or have her look into this brand online.

MikiHope said...

Some of those combos sound like I would not mind gulping down a jar or three! Your son certain;y looked like he wanted MORE in one of those pics!

Your little guy is SO cute. I used some Beech Nut baby food back in the day when my boys were little.

This is my first time hearing about this product! The apple, zucchini one sounds delicious! Looks like your little one loved it :)

Very cute baby - i love the picture when he is holding the empty jar. Wow - Beech Nut certainly packed a really nice box...I love the presentation and colors. The food looks good too...and offers a nice combination of ingredients.

Trish Samson said...

I enjoyed your post. The packaging is really well done and your baby is beautiful!

I think it's probably great food. I guess that it would be much less expensive and rewarding to actually puree your own. Then you know for sure there are no GMOs in it or anything else that is invisible in our food. But I digress...that's another topic.

thanks for bringing this up for mommy's everywhere.

Vinma said...

we have tried beach Nuts baby food in the past for our kids and they loved it! Very healthy and yummy taste wise as well.

Nicole said...

Baby food sure has gotten fancy since my girls were babies!

Eliz Frank said...

This looks fresh, natural and delicious. I also love the ergonomics of the jar; easy to hold.

becca said...

They look wonderful and your little one seems to enjoy them.

Anita Breeze said...

You have one adorable child there. The flavors of this baby food sound really creative and different, instead of boring old strained peas.

I didn't know Beechnut was so natural. I will keep this mind when I don't have homemade on hand. :)

Mine are far beyond the age of baby food, but your little guy seems to be enjoying it!

Scott said...

Mine are too old for this now, but they would have loved it when they were babies.

I will have to share this with a friend of mine that just had a baby. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

wow that looks tasty for baby food! And so cute that adorable baby:) Great post!

JvO said...

1) I LOVE the packaging! So stylish! 2) I'd love to try the Raspberry & Asparagus one, myself!!
3) Wish that brand was available here in Hamilton when I was using baby food for my kiddos! I made most of mine, but always had jarred stuff on hand for trips out or babysitters.

My little sister is out of the baby food stage now but I do remember seeing Beech Nut foods but certainly not packaged like that. I love the upgrade!