Blogorama Bonanza Remix 2012 Event

Blogorama Bonanza Remix 2012 starts January 20 - January 27, hosted by ReviewIt PR, J-Man and MillerBug & Generations of Savings.  Thanks to all the sponsors for making this event possible. 

Jumpin Jammerz has offered to giveaway 2 footed pajamas.

Lovable Labels has offered to giveaway one of their Friendship Packs.  It includes 30 Sticker Labels, 80 Slimline Labels and 10 Fun Stickies.  A total of 230 labels.

PetCakes has offered to giveaway one of their petcakes.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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Jodi said...

my son's half sister

wisedup1 said...

The pj's would be for me. the labels for my niece and the son really wants one. thanks for the giveaway!

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