Okkatots Baby Carrier System Product Review

Okkatots was created by Jeanette Gray, a product designer.  Since her daugther was 18 months old, She's been designing stylish baby products.  As a mother of five daughters and the love of children; she wanted to share her creations to moms and dads.  She sought to incease the enjoyment of parenting and give security and comfort your child needs.  Okkatots products are baby carriers, diaper bags, and other products.

I received a Okkatots Baby Carrier System for me to review.  The baby carrier came in three parts; which I had to read the instructions to put it together.  It was a bit confusing for me but I got the hang of it.  I did just fine.  Since this is my first baby carrier, I'll be using it for my son.  He will be due on October 16.  It will be convenient for me to have the baby carrier.  I just got tired of pushing the stroller around in stores. Sometimes there are stores that don't allow strollers.  I just get mad at that.  I have the right to shop too.  I do have to understand at times strollers take a lot of space.  I tried the Okkatots baby carrier on my son's cousin, Noah.  I'm pregnant and my belly sticks out, so his feet look like it's dangling out in the air.  It’s not supposed to look like that.  I love the Okkatots Baby Carrier System to share quality time with my son.  It's made with quality and care.  I really do recommend the Okkatots Baby Carrier System to parents for your child.

The Features!

* Holds babies from newborn up to 25 pounds

* Carrying pouch can also be used in a shopping cart seat as a child restraint

* Optional- use OkkaBand waistband for parents distributes weight

* Harness straps allow baby to lean back for parent interaction or sleep

* Fit carrier to baby

* Carry baby two ways: facing in or facing out

* Two-year manufacturer's warranty included

* Baby Carrier comes in two colors black with tan

trim or tan with black trim

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Buy it!   

To buy Okkatots Baby Carrier System for yourself or a friend by visiting them at Okkatots.   The retail price for a Okkatots Baby Carrier System is $99.95.  Yes this may seem expensive, but they are well worth the price!  They are made with quality to last you a life-time.  The best thing; their two-year manufacturer's warranty is included.  You can check or buy other products from Okkatots at Okkatots.   You can also buy from a local retail store by visiting Okkatots.

Disclaimer: ReviewIt PR was compensated with a gift card and received product samples in-exchange for this review.  Okkatots is responsible for prize giveaway and shipment.  We gave our honest experience in this review and is our own.  We are disclosing this accordance with Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255: "Guide Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. 

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L Howard said...

You guys look cute! I need on of these for my lil man! I always say if he was strapped to me i could get more done!

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