Behind the Scenes: The Process of Crush Crew Apparel

Crush Crew Apparel empowers individuals not to give up and be their best!  To pursue your dream, set your goals. Face the fear and rise! Just push yourself and do it!  You can accomplish whatever you set your mind to.  These t-shirts will remind you to keep going and reach your desires. Do not listen to negative people.  Some do not want to see you shine.  Never stop and achieve your goals.  Just believe in yourself, and you will!  

With positivity and goal setting, Crush Crew Apparel came into production.  I started using the essentials from a heat press, mini heat press, DTF printing paper, DTF transfer power, printer, t-shirts, Teflon sheet, t-shirt tag labels, and other shipping materials.      

Let these t-shirts transform you on Courage, Love and Fitness, Justice, Peace, Push Your Limit, Level Up, Intuition, Flow, and more. Additional t-shirt designs will become available for the holidays, including accessories and more.  Sign up on Crush Crew Apparel's website at To know when new merchandise will drop.  

Check for details about Crush Crew Apparel's YouTube video below.  You will also get details on creating your business or how to make money to be financially secure.

Enter the giveaway to win two Crush Crew Apparel t-shirts. See the entry form below.  

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