Gifts For Mom and Dad

Do you know what gift you want to give to your mom or dad?  We celebrate our parents on Mother's and Father's Day.   Our mom and dad have been there for us through good and bad.  We all want to give them a gift and show how we care and love them.  I have the perfect gift for your mom and dad.  TYR has the perfect gifts for men and women.  They sell apparel, swimwear, footwear, sunglasses, goggles, and stuff for kids.  A variety of items your parents will like.

I am wearing joule elite women's high-neck sports bra solid in color 401 navy, size medium, joule elite women's high-waisted 7/8 leggings solid -  color navy in size small, and women's limited edition squat University l-1 lifter in size 7.  The sneaker's sizing is unisex.  Therefore, a men’s size 7 equates to a women’s 8.5.  The quality of the sports bras and leggings is superb, and pleasantly comfortable.  

The sneakers are unisex.  Men and women can wear the same style in sneakers.  These are so awesome!  Your hubby and you can wear matching sneakers and outfits.  Pictured above, are the TYL Men's L-1 Lifter sneakers in size 10.5.  An excellent gift for Father's Day.  

To buy or view the TYR sports bra and sneakers visit TYR.  Gifts For Mom and Dad   They come in a variety of colors for your mom and dad.  They have many different styles and other items to choose from.  A win-win for all. 

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