The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature - Movie Rated PG

The Nut Job 2 comes out in theaters Friday, August 11.  This movie is funny, action packed, and exciting to know what happens next.  The movie is about Surly Squirrel (Will Arnett) and the gang.  Their in Oakton where the bad man mayor wants to destroy Liberty Park and build an amusement park.  Surly and his group of animal friends get together to save their home, defeat the mayor, and get the park back.

My kids and I went to the movies and saw a pre-screening of The Nut Job 2.  We all had a good time watching The Nut Job 2.  We couldn't get enough of Surly Squirrel, Buddy, Andie, Mr. Feng, gang and giggled a lot.  

The Cast 

Official Trailer

Don't miss taking your kids to watch this movie.  Kids and parents will laugh and enjoy the adventure.  It's a movie you will love to watch over and over again. 

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