What Can Kids Do For Fun?

Summer is practically over.  That doesn't matter kids can have fun.  Kids would find any place to play. Some kids have high-energy and can't stay still.  They need to burn off energy. When they have nothing to do, kids say that they are bored.  This will help calm them down.  You need to find things for them to challenge their mind.  Indoor and outdoor games work great! It's good to keep an eye on them. Kids can play rough and hurt.  We got a great activity for the kids.  The kids will play with each other to have a good time. What can kids do for fun?

We've got the perfect game for you.  Little Tikes Dream Big Basketball Set is great for kids.  Kids can play for hours.  They'll burn a lot of energy.  This is a sturdy indoor/outdoor basketball set that adjusts to the perfect height.  This is suitable for kids 2 and up.   Dream Big is true for this game.  The height adjustments ranging from 4 - 6 feet tall.  It comes with a soft basketball, so kid won't get hurt. You can play with your kids and have fun.  This is so cool!     

My kids opened the box and put the pieces together.  I helped put the net on the hoop.  It came with stickers and an image of LeBron James on to put on the basketball set.  My two older kids took turns playing basketball.  My 3-year-old didn't want to share the ball.  It's just too much fun for him.  My older son like's to adjust the height and play as he is taller.   He wants to practice getting the ball inside the hoop.  They all had a good time playing and laughing. 

The Little Tikes Dream Big Basketball Set Features: 
  • Indoor or outdoor use  
  • height adjustments ranging from 4 - 6 feet tall
  • Includes a breakaway rim  
  • Base must be weighted with sand (not included) for stability  
  • Includes: 1 Dream Big(T) basketball hoop, 1 basketball net, 1 junior-sized basketball 
Little Tikes Dream Big Basketball Set retails for $59.99.  You can find this game at Toys R US.  

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