What Holiday Toy Is Hot For Your Wishlist?

It was very difficult back then without technology.  We had to do everything by hand.  Their was no appliances, TV's, radios and other cool gadgets as we have today.  Technology has come a long way.  Our lives are surrounded by technology.  Life is more easier, fun and requires less time to get things done.  Toys have become interactive by movement, talking, walking, educating and more enjoyable for kids.  Every kid wants a great toy to play, learn, explore and tell their friends about.  

The new tech toy is the Teckno Newborn Robotic Pets.  The robotic pet is a newborn puppy that can jump, beg, walk, make sounds, sing, wiggle tail and ears, respond to voice and touch and eyes light up when a wake.  The toy is suitable for ages 3+.  It has a switch button to turn it off or on.  The puppy behaves like a 8-week old puppy.  It requires two AAA batteries for use and is not included.  It comes in a mini size.  The size is great and lightweight.  The toy comes available in four colors.  

Davin couldn't wait for me to take the Teckno Newborn Robotic Pets out of the box.  He enjoys how it barks, eyes light up and walks.  The toy is amusing to him and laughs.  He can play with the toy for hours.  I like how the puppy responds to commands.  This is his own life-like puppy.  Davin can take the toy with him for on-the-go or home play.  It will keep him occupied.  

The Teckno Newborn Robotic Pets is available in August for $14.99 at Walmart.  Get all four colors to make the set.  Your kids will love this toy for the holidays.  The features are awesome!  The toy newborn puppy comes available in colors blue and pink.  Get more information about the toy at http://www.genesis-toys.com.


Phoebe @ GettingFreedom said...

That is so cool! So crazy to think that as a kid robots were things that were far off into the future, and now they're here! I know that my son would love to receive this for Christmas!

Jennifer said...

I don't have any kids here, but I am sure my niece would LOVE something like that! The only toy I have on my Christmas wishlist is a Silhouette Cameo :) I want to play with all the vinyl . LOL

Roch said...

So cute! Having a pet toy is great because then kids won't have to worry about training the animals how to behave and put things in order. It's also good because it can be carried during travels.

CrescentFire said...

That's an interesting toy! I remember reading about this before and I think I actually saw the bigger versions. But anyway, this is actually good gift idea for my nephew! Thank you :D

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