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Summer Outdoor Fun For Kids

12:08 PM Francisca 11 Comments

The school's out of session, and all your kids want is to go outside.  The outdoor Summer fun is spending time with your family.  Being in each other's company wherever you go makes great memories. Just prepare to do activities with your kids.  Online, you will find many places to go for activities.  You can take your kids to the park, beach and bike riding.   Bike riding is good for you.  It helps to relax, clear your mind, tones your legs, helps your joints, burn calories, enjoy family time and get a good workout. 

We've got a bike that is great for outdoor fun for kids.  This has been built to fit a child proportion for comfort.   It gives a kid the motivation to learn.  The Boys 16 Inch Schwinn Burnout Smart Start Bike has pedals closer together for a smoother ride.  They have smaller handle grips for a child to angle their body, while on-the-go.  It has stylish colors on the seat and a side Schwinn's logo.  The wheels are sturdy and durable. 

We took the kids to have fun by the boardwalk.   Davian is enjoying to ride his boys 16 inch Schwinn Burnout Smart Start Bike.  He's practicing to steer the handles from right to left and pick up speed.  The bike is the perfect height for him.  This is a wonderful bike and worth buying.  After he get's the hang of riding on it.  The training wheels can be taken off. We also got the Schwinn adjustable fit merge helmet for age 8+, in the color blue.  The helmet is perfect for providing my son with safety.   

We had the kids go off the boardwalk and onto the beach.  They played in the water.  It was nice seeing them laugh and play.  We wanted them to have fun.  These special moments will last for memories to come.

After their fun at the beach, the boys went back to the boardwalk and rode their bike's.   They rode their bike's all wet.  They were just happy to be outdoors.  We were on our way back home.  It was a nice ending to a wonderful day.

The 16 inch Schwinn Burnout Smart Start Bike provided my son a good time.  Our family fun activities will continue with Schwinn.  

Schwinn brings happiness to people.  Look into getting a 16 inch Schwinn Burnout Smart Start Bike for your kid.  They have any varies of colors for boys and girls.  This is a great bike with many features.  The bike is available at Toy's R Us retails for $119.99.  


Unknown said...

Such a big boy, learning how to ride his bike. Brings back memories of trying to , teach my nephew and niece. Such a dun summer

Unknown said...

Bike riding is a way of life in Scandinavia, we're fortunate to have well developed bike lanes in most cities, which makes cycling very safe. Everyone cycles here, sometimes there are more bikes than cars during rush hour. Kids not much pas toddler age are in the bike lanes alongside their parents, my stepson cycles to school, football practice, his friends' houses, etc. I can't imagine any other way :)

msvee said...

There's nothing like a great time outdoor and bike riding just provides endless adventure. Sometimes we get sick of our hills because it gets harder and harder to get up and down the hills but it is truly great exercise. The beach looks like a lot of fun too and on hot days like today I would like to jump in

What a fun way to spend the summer! Getting sun and being outdoors is such an important part of growing up, and it's lovely to it happening in this consistently evolving digital generation. Thank you for sharing!

Felicita said...

We love going for family bike rides. Its fun way to get exercise and encourage a healthy lifestyle. We got my son a Schwinn bike for his 5th birthday and it is still going strong.

Unknown said...

He looks so happy! I love that our kids are learning to ride bikes and cannot wait for some family bike rides in our near future. Schwinn is such a great brand for any bike!

Jenn said...

He looks so happy. This blog post sure brings back memories for me. Both of my girls had a Schwinn at this age and loved them. Feels like forever ago now, but some fun memories for sure.

What a fun spot to enjoy bike riding. I think it's the official sport of summer...or should be, right?!? Your little guy looks like he's having a blast!

Riding bikes is one of our favorite things to do. I love that it gets us outdoors and away from electronics, but it also allows us to spend time together. Looks like a wonderful place to ride!

CrescentFire said...

I absolutely love the outdoors — more so for cycling when I'm in places that have clear air. :D Same for my nieces and nephews, I try to get them to do more outdoor stuff.And not get too glued to their tablet screens :P

Unknown said...

I love this! My son has been asking for a new bike for a few months now and I'll have to look into this one. I think it would be perfect for him!