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How To Get A Child To Relax

5:52 PM Francisca 19 Comments

When you have a very active child.  You must find things for s/he to do.  Is there something your child likes to do?  Whether it's drawing, reading, playing or watching tv. Your child is learning and developing their brain.  Kids need to sit and be introduced to shows or movies.  They will absorb what they see and develop the skills he/she needs to grow intellectually, socially and emotionally.   It's that time when they start learning a language.   A child will pronounce words by talking and mimicking  what they hear.  

Do you want your child to sit and relax?  We have the Delta Children Foam Snuggle Chair for your child!  It's comfortable, lightweight and easy to pick up.  Your child can sit to read and watch tv in their room, like a grown up.  The Delta Children Foam Snuggle Chair comes available, in colors blue/green and pink/white. The retail price for the chair is $59.99. You can buy the chair at  

My son was excited when he saw the Delta Children Foam Snuggle Chair in his room.  He sat, got up and sat down again.  He did this a few times and laughed.  I was happy to see him enjoy his chair.  Davin watched cartoons and was able to sit in his chair without moving about the apartment.  The chair kept him relaxed.  

The Delta Children Foam Snuggle Chair Features: 
  • Seat size: 13"L x 15"W
  • Lightweight design
  • Foam chair for kids
  • Removable and machine washable cover
  • Meets or exceeds all safety standards set by the CPSC
  • Assembled dimensions: 25”W x 18”D x 20.5”H
  • Assembly required; insert easily slips into the fabric cover
The Delta Children Foam Snuggle Chair is great!   I am very pleased with the chair and recommend this chair for your child.  It's easy to move around the house.  All my three children sit on it.  It is a durable chair as it holds each one of their weight.  My boy's ages are 8, 6 and 3.  I love Walmart for their low prices. Don't forget to stop by their website.  You can purchase buy this awesome chair at  Your kid will be happy you did!


Jeannette said...

I always thought that those little chairs were so cute. I don't know if it make my child relax but at least he would have fun climbing on his own stuff instead of ours LOL.

Pam said...

I love that little chair. My kids always liked having their own personal space to unwind and relax.

Angie Harris said...

My kids use to have little chair like this when they were very young. It was a great way to give them thier own space during movie time.

Unknown said...

Over the years we have had many of these kinds of chairs in our house. The kids are a little too big for them now but they sure did love them when they were small that's for sure. They had on in their rooms next to a basket of books so they could curl up and relax.

Brandy Ellen said...

Oh wow looks like a great idea, I am so glad this works to calm your child down. Sometimes they can get overwhelmed just like us adults can!

We have a chair for our daughter too. Great tips on getting to relax.

Super cute chair! My kids had something like this years back, and they loved it. It's a great idea to get them to chill out and calm down! - jeanine

My girls love their chairs. They carry them all over the house!

Unknown said...

My daughter is a huge fan of different chairs. Whenever she sees a chair display in a store, she has to try them out. We have been looking a perfect chair for her for a long time but haven't found "the one" yet. I'm glad that this chair has a removable and machine washable cover, it's a must for kid's chairs.

Unknown said...

We have a similar chair for each of our boys. They love the chair because it's super comfy and a perfect spot to read their books!

Unknown said...

My daughter has a soft chair from Pottery Barn and has always loved it. She might be getting a little big for it now, but it's so cute, I dont wanna give it away. Lol.

Nikki said...

Wow, that chair really looks comfortable. I am so sure that my son will love it.

Peachy said...

That looks like a real comfortable chair that could any child to relax!

Unknown said...

That chair looks so comfy. I like to put my kids in a fluffy chair or bean bag and turn on something soothing for them to get them to calm down.

Unknown said...

What a cute smile he has! This looks like a fun chair for children and it really looks like he likes it.

My daughter has a chair just like this but in pink! She loves the thing. Sits in it constantly

My boys each used to have a chair like this. They spent lots of time on it both watching tv or video games as well as book reading time. I miss those little chairs.

Unknown said...

I love that chair, it's so cute! My son is very active and he loves to color and read books so this chair would be great for him.

Adriana said...

What an adorable chair! I had a similar one when I was little and I remember loving it! It reminds me - I want to get one for my nephew! -Kendall