How To Keep You Pet Healthy

Pets are a part of our family.  We want to give our pet the best.  Giving healthy ingredients is important for dogs and cats.  This will help give them longer lives, stronger bones and make a happier pet.   If your pet is scratching or biting him/herself, spitting up and losing their coat.  Look at what food you are giving to your pet.  You maybe harming your pet.   Pets need a certain amount of energy to sustain the normal activities of their daily lives.  The nutrients in food is the factor.  Understanding the importance in nutrients will help your pets appearance and health.

Evanger's has selections for dogs and cats with problems in allergies, diabetes, joints support, pancreatitis, weight loss, high blood sugar, urinary tract infection, sensitive stomach, irritable bowel and more.  Their food selections is whole meats, slow cooked, never frozen, grain and gluten free.  It contains no corn, soy, artificial ingredients, wheat, harmful additives, preservatives or by-products.  You get raw ingredients and natural in their own juices.  Let your pet eat like a queen or king.  Their food will keep your pet healthy.  

Evanger's Product Line:  
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  • Dry Dog & Cat Diets 
  • Classic Line Dinners & Supplements 
  • Signature Series Cuts & Gravy 
  • Gold Line Dinners & Supplements 
  • Hand Packed Dinners & Supplements 
  • Grain-Free Game Meat Supplements 
  • Nothing But Natural Treats in Semi-Moist Jerky and Freeze Dried Varieties

Try Evanger's food for your dog, cat or ferret.  It's nothing but the best!  Check their website and find the right food for your pet at  Price varies in their 5,000 store locations.  There line of products are dry foods, canned foods, and treats. 

There's still time to make your pet famous - head to and enter your CUTEST dog, cat, or ferret photo! Winners win free Evangers pet foods!  Entering takes about 30 seconds.

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Anita Anderson said...

Your dog is super happy in the photos above. Looks like Evanger's Food was a hit in your home.

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