Blogger Bash 2016

Blogger Bash '16 started at the Care Bears Brunch on July 13-14, 2016 at eSpace.  Where they had different varies of food for breakfast.  While sitting and enjoying breakfast.  I got to mingle and chat with other bloggers.  The Care Bears company discussed how helping others can go a long way. They want everyone to #ShareYourCare.  This is inspired by love, sharing, caring, happiness, fun, friendship, acceptance and philanthropic generosity.  I got to hug Care Bear Funshine Bear.  A hug can mean a lot to someone feeling down #ShareYourCare.  They also had the Blogging Concentrated.  Dan R. Morris and Rachel Marie Martin the gurus behind Blogging Concentrated.  The duo's discussed how bloggers can reach their highest potential and steer to right direction.

I met up with my bestie at Blogger Bash.   My bestie is Anita, @QueensNYCMom.  She joined me throughout #BBNYC.  

I walked around Pier 81.  It's a beautiful place to go site seeing on a boat tour with friends,
family and the view is amazing.  

I got the opportunity to get on The Ride NYC.  The bus The Ride NYC was  75-minute interactive entertainment in Midtown Manhattan and Times Square. The Ride NYC features five to seven street performances, two award-winning hosts, trivia, singing, ballet dancing, rap, karaoke, and more!   Take a tour with your family and friends.  It was a fun experience! Checkout The Ride NYC in their website

Blogger Bash - (Suite Suite '16) is hosted by CEO Toy Insider Mom Laurie Schacht.  The Toy Insider is a website dedicated to reviewing toys year round, providing kids, grandparents, parents and other gift-givers.  

In the morning I walked to the Majesty Yacht, Pier 81.   They had the Kate & Min-Mim Breakfast followed by Bloganthropy, Media Mavens Panel and Babypalooza.  The Bloganthropy is honoring bloggers who use social media to support charitable causes.  The Media Mavels Panel discussed women get traffic, tip , tricks and being successful. Babypalooza are companies that featured baby products.   I continued to the Sweet Suite '16 that started, at 4:30 PM.  I got to meet with top companies, including Skylanders, LeapFrog, Bixbee, Hasbro, Mattel, Roku, Just Play, Wow Wee, Insect Lore, Woof Pup, School Zone, Eight O'Clock, Master Lock, Razor, Office Depot, PlayStation, Boiron, Crayola, Adam & Eve, and more!  I saw the top holiday wish lists this year before they hit the shelves. #SweetSuite16  

They had the Peanuts Keynotes Lunch during the Sweet Suite '16.  The guest speaker was Ginger Zee, Good Morning America’s chief meteorologist.  Their other speaker was Nichole "Sknooki" Plizzi and Jenni : Jwoww" Farley.  They were interviewed and asked questions about themselves.  Nichole and Jenni were both on the show MTV's Jersey Shore from 2009-2012.  The event also had Shop Ireland with more companies and products to show.  It continued with Millennial Moms.   The Millennial Moms gave consumer insights, Nickelodeon, about the latest research study into interests and influences.

                                      1st Day - July 13th, Sweet Suite '16

I stopped by the companies booth to chat and got information about the latest products.  I took pictures of the products and connected with the companies.  It was awesome to check all the cool and fun products.  

Dynacraft has products from bikes, ride-ons, electric scooters and more.  Check their product line at

Madame Alexander has life-like dolls and more.  Check their product line at  

Bixbee is a company that has backpacks, lunchboxes and more.  The backpack lights up in cool colors kids would love.  Check their product line at

BACHMANN is a website that has different styles of trains and more.  Check their product line at  

Kassandra's dress is made of Gemmies.  Tech 4 Kids had a contest on how many Gemmies did she have on her dress?  NY MOMSTYLE guessed 7,112 Gemmies.  NY MOMSTYLE won the contest.  There were 7,327 Gemmies on her dress.

Gemmies crystals are used by clipping and connecting the crystals.  Design an apple, candy, goldfish, dazzling jewelry and more.  Check their product line at

Skylanders is for video game players.  Check their product line at

2nd Day - July 14th, New Product Event By The Expo

Office Depot has office supplies, furniture, link, school supplies and more.  Their featuring the latest items for back-to-school.  Check their product line at

Sistema has drink bottles and food storage solutions for people on the go.  They will fit your needs. Check their product line

Adam & Eve is a toy store.  They have varies of products from vibrators, oils, lingerie and more.  Check their product line at

Orion Labs helps you talk by pressing the Onyx.  Make instant voice messaging with many or a few, across any distance.  Check their product line at

Coobie Seamless Bras is a website that has bras, head bands, leggings and more.  Check their product line at

Hasbro has toys,  apparel, books, Sports & Outdoor Play and more.  Check these or other products at

Sentiments Pets has multiple pet lines for all furry friends.  Check their product line at  

Auldey website has RC toys and more.  Check their product line at

Worx is a company that has tools, blowers, chainsaws, lawn mowers and more.  Check their product line at

Cabbage Patch Kids has a new Cabbage Patch Kids and her eyes move.  Check their product line at

Kohler has product for kitchen, bathroom, parts and another product line of chocolates.
Check their product line at and  

Oreck has products vacuums, air purifiers, cleaning products and more.  Check their product line at  

The Peanuts Rock the Vote Closing Party was at Majesty Yacht, top deck.  They set sail around the Hudson river and with some awesome views.  There was a vote for six Peanuts characters.  They are running for President in a very special election.  Choose your favorite character at   Everyone got together for the ending of a wonderful #BBNYC event. 

For information about the companies and products in the Sweet Suite '16 visit   For information about Blogger Bash visit  

Tips for next #BBNYC:
  • Use a business card holder that hooks on your #BBNYC badge to keep you organized.
  • Have business cards to give to the companies.
  • Don't forget your invite ticket to check in#BBNYC and ID.
  • Bloggers wear comfortable clothes and shoes.
  • Bring a portable phone charger for your smartphone.
  • Extra batteries for your camera.
  • Small purse to carry your things in.  
  • Bring water with you (optional).
I would like say thank you!  Mom Laurie Schacht, companies and everyone for making the #BBNYC possible.  It was an amazing event to be a part of.  I would love to be a part of the next Blogger Bash '17.

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