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The average person owns dozens of pairs of sneakers usually to match it up with colors for the outfit.  You can mix match clothing sets to coordinate for style trends.  Find the best sneaker to fit for sports, fitness, running and casual wear.  We look for sneakers that are comfortable, stylish, durable and accommodates our needs.  This will help support and cushion our feet.  When buying a pair of sneakers.  I've got a company with varies of footwear styles for men and women.  You can find your back-to-school must-have footwear. Are you looking for comfort and style?  

Lugz can give you just that.  Make a fashion statement wearing Lugz footwear.  I found the back-to-school must-have style for you.  It's the Lugz zros men's sneakers in color black/red/white.  I got the sneaker in size 7 for men.  In women size that's a 8.5.  Who can tell there actually men's sneakers!

I am lifting weights, doing crunches, sit ups and more in comfort.  I just love the colors and design in the sneakers.  Which footwear do you like best from Lugz?  

The Lugz zros comes available in colors charocoal/navy/white and black/red/white.  It retails for $59.99.  You can view or buy a Lugz zros at


The Lugz Zros has stylish shoelace metal hardware, cushioned insole, durabrush upper and a metallic side panel logo with the insert "L."  It's sporty, casual and long-lasting wear.  It comes in size 6.5D to 13.0D.  I give the Lugz zros five stars.  It's a reliable pair of sneaker that's durable to last.

Giveaway:  Win a pair of Lugz zros men sneakers.  The giveaway is open to 18 years or older and U.S residents only.  Enter the giveaway via Gleam form below.  Good Luck!

  Win A Pair Of Lugz Zros Men Sneakers


denise226 said...

I like alot of them but these will be for my daughter she would like , denise smith,

Honey Tison said...

I like alot of them all

I kind of like Lugz Men's Changeover Sneakers

I like the Men’s Shatter II sneaker in black/white.

Terri said...

I like the Men’s Run Classic in black.

I love the FORCE
COLOR: Black/ Asphalt

the mens shatter II

Mary Cloud said...

ZRocs White/Mulberry

I can't figure out what the 3rd mandatory option is. it states to follow instructions below and has my instagram pictures pulled up, but no directions... HELP! I'd really love to enter. thanks. if you have the time please email me at

I like the Men's Force in Black/ Asphalt

Dawn Monroe said...

I like the men's Drifters in black.

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Hello Dominique Cloutier, it's working thanks for the follow up.

Ken Ohl said...

love the men's drifters in black. thankyou, ken

Ken Ohl said...

The men's Drifters in black. thankyou, ken

I like the EMPIRE HI WR in charcoal/grey. I would keep for myself.

I like the TAMBORA boots in black/cream will be great for this winter.

M Lugz R the "BEST"

I really like the Empire HI WR in Charcoal/ Grey.

I really like the Empire HI WR in Charcoal/Grey the best.

rajee pandi said...

ZRocs White/Mulberry

Nicole said...

I like the Drifter LX Boots.
Nicole Carter

I love the DRIFTER LX COLOR: Black/ Cream/ Gum

Trisha McKee said...

For Men's - i love the Force. For Women's, I love the Zen Lo.