How To Style For Spring

Spring is the best time to find the perfect shoes for your wardrobe.  Look for style, color and designs to match with your outfit.  Spring is a new  beginning and why not treat yourself to new shoes.  Cougar has the perfect footwear for Spring from STOKED, TERRI, REGENT, RUBY and comes in different colors.  What Cougar Spring footwear would you love to own?

I had chose the Cougar STOKED to add to my wardrobe.  THE STOKED is great for fun and outdoors.  I am a mom of three boys and like to dress fashionable.  I just love the black/snake colors.  It looks stylish and nicely designed.  A great benefit the sneakers are waterproof.  Your feet won't get wet in the rain yay!

I matched up the STOKED with a black flower sleeveless top, black jeans, ivory sweater and purple jacket. The piece set complemented each other.   STOKED sneakers are true to size and very comfortable.  The laces on the sneakers aren't cotton.  They are elastic and stretchable.  It's easy to slip on with the laces tide.  I love to be ready and go.  


The STOKED is your Spring footwear for fashion.  It fits perfect and nicely stitched.  They come in four colors black, black/snake, cherry and white.  The STOKED material is leather look/lycra and pk mesh lining.  The quality of the STOKED footwear is there.  Not many sneakers are waterproof.  Cougar has excited my expectations and give them five stars.  The five stars are for comfort, style, durability, colors and design.  The STOKED retail price is $85.00.  For more information on the STOKED or to buy one visit  

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