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LAMO Footwear is located in Southern California, near the city of Los Angeles.  When it comes to comfort; LAMO Footwear has varieties of style for women, men and kids.  Their footwear is made of premium quality Australian skeepskins and Australian merino wool. LAMO's Footwear product line is shoes, sandals, moccasins, booties, , boots, slippers and accessories.

Winter is coming to an end soon.  It's always great to be prepared and have a new pair of fashion boots. I like to be ready and these boots are perfect for on the go.   I got a pair of LAMO Footwear 9" class flat sole in black.  They fit me perfect in size 9.  The boots are nicely stitched and are true to quality.  I wore the boots with my black/white top and blue jeans to match.  The boots match my style and are cute on me.   It can be worn with any piece of clothing and looks just perfect!  


LAMO Footwear 9" class flat sole has durable suede outer and rubber outsole.  These boots will last for years.  They are available in colors black, chestnut and chocolate.  The boots make your feet feel relaxed, comfortable, and will keep you very warm.  They do not feel heavy nor will weigh your feet down.  The 9" class flat sole retails for $98.99.  

Checkout LAMO's trendy footwear styles visit lamofootwear.com.  Follow LAMO Footwear for product offers and more on Facebook and Twitter

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ShawnTe Pierce said...

It's good that it is a sturdy boot. I always feel it is good to have one good pair of functional boots that can go with almost anything. They will last you for many seasons.

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