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The Choosy Chick was created to provide safe health and effective beauty products.  Their products contain ingredients that are natural and non-toxic.  They are committed to high-quality products and safety of the consumers first.  All the products featured on their website have been researched, sampled and dugged deep to meet the standards. 

The Choosy Chick has so many selections of products to choose from.  I received four products in a cute package box.  The products on their website are from natural plants, oils, flowers and other ingredients.  I truly love the products.  The products that arrived in the box were Rose Mandarin Hand Cream, Dr. Alkaitis Organic Herbal Toner, Skinny Skinny Organic Body Scrub and Kari Gran Lip Whip - Radiant.  

The Rose Mandarin Hand Cream has a wonderful scent.  I can actually smell roses and mandarin.  It's just lovely and the scent is not overwhelming.  The hand cream feels soothing on my skin, helps my eczema and prevents dry skin.  The product is organic that include oils, purified water and other added ingredients.  The hand cream color is white and moisture's skin.   The hand cream retails for $15.00.  For information or to buy a hand cream visit  

The Skinny Skinny Black Coffee Organic Body Scrub has a nice scent of coffee and coconut. My skin was dry.  I applied some of the body scrubs on my arm.  There was a sensation on my arm.  I know the body scrub was working.  After 5 to 7 minutes I washed it off.  My skin felt soft and fresh.  I did feel the difference in my skin.  The black coffee has natural oils.  When applying the body scrub add less onto the skin.  It will work as it should.

The organic black coffee scrub has been known to treat redness and inflammation, cellulite and even out skin tone.  The organic oils will leave your skin soft.  This is to be used on the skin (just avoid face and neck).  It retails for $26.00.  You can get more information or buy one visit

The Kari Gran Lip Whip - Radiant is a pink lip balm.  The lip whip has a peppermint scent and other added ingredients.  I had put a small amount of the lip whip on my lips.  The peppermint can be felt tingling my lips.  The lip balm works great!  It leaves my lips feeling soft and shiny.   The pink color makes my lips have a natural look.  

The Kari Gran Lip Whip - Radiant nourishes and shines lips.  It comes in a little black glass container that can be handy in a purse or pocket.  It contains organic ingredients and non-GMO Vitamin E.  The lip whip retails for $20.00.  You can get information or buy the lip balm - radiant visit

Dr. Alkaitis Organic Herbal Toner is for the morning, night and all skin types.  The herbal toner works to balance skin, an astringent and anti-inflammatory.  I put three dime-size amounts on my face.  My face felt refreshed and soft.  The herbal toner has Aloe Vera, witch hazel, chamomile, a blend of 100% pure essential oils and other ingredients.  It's natural to the face and feels soothing.


Dr. Alkaitis Organic Herbal Toner is a non-drying and multi-purpose toner.  It helps to moisturize for oily complexions and excellent after-sun tonic.  This works great for daily use. Makeup can be used on the face after the toner is dry.  It retails for $60.00.  To find out more information about the herbal toner visit  

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Unknown said...

i really want to try The Kari Gran Lip Whip!

Unknown said...

The Black Coffee scrub sounds great!

Unknown said...

I like the Pure Pro Lipstick Primrose. I think that color is very much my style and would go well throughout the seasons.

hundahar said...

I like the look of the Kari Gran Lip Whip.

adellag said...

The Kari Gran Lip Whip (Radiant) looks so lush! I want one...

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