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The Soleus Pulse is a watch that also measures heart rate while on your wrist.  Pulse works great to train.  This fitness watch helps track your progress.  It has a 3D accelerometer that counts calories, distance, and steps.  They have different watches for the purpose you want.   Soleus's product line is HRM and fitness watches, GPS watches, activity trackers, cycling accessories, Soleus originals, and Soleus swag.  

Pulse is a watch that has multi-purposes.  I like to track and count my calories, step counter, distance & monitor my heart rate.  Exercising daily and eating healthy is important to keep me going.  I have so much energy.  I was weighing at 178 lbs and am now at 139 lbs.  I lost this weight during a 3-4 month period.  I exercised twice a day in the morning and at night.  It was hard to lose the pounds. I maintained and didn't cheat by eating unhealthy foods.  I ate food using small portions.  I'm glad Pulse is helping me to keep my weight down.


Soleus has software for your watch.  Soleus Sync is software for download.  The software allows you to sync the activity on, a Soleus GPS device with a Strava account.  You can sign up for an account  You would use the software to keep track of your progress.  Pulse watch comes available in colors black/grey.  The heart rate is taken right from the wrist.  It has eight function modes.  The function modes are time, run, chronograph, , timer, HRM, data, alarm, and set.  Get familiar with the watch pick your mode and start your tracking.  It retails for $149.99.  Check out Pulse for yourself at Soleus.   

Pulse Features 

30m water resistant
5 alarms
Rechargeable battery
1/100 sec chronograph
Calories burned
Heart rate monitor
Optical sensor (wrist based)
3D accelerometer
Step counter
Daily step target
6 interval timers
30 run x 100 lap data storage
HRM zones
EL backlight
Dimensions - case height & width: 46mm - Strap width: 22mm

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