Skylanders Holiday Must-Have Games

The Skylanders SuperChargers Xbox 360 is a hot game for kids.  Kids will love to embark on adventures undersea, overland and through the sky to stop kaos and Skylands.  It comes with three different Skylanders characters - spitfire, super shot stealth elf and vehicle hot steak.  This game is fun and kids will participate in different mini games and battle the enemy on combat races.  The streak vehicle can modify parts to enhance power for game play experience.  Point of the game is to build your skill set and to defeat kaos and his doomstation of ultimate doomstruction that threatens Skylands.  

Skylanders SuperChargers Starter Pack Includes:
  • Skylanders SuperChargers video game for Xbox 360
  • Collection poster, featuring the complete set of Skylanders SuperChargers and their vehicles
  • New Portal of Power
  • Three Skylanders SuperChargers - spitfire, super shot shealth elf and vehicle hot streak

My kids love their new Skylanders SuperCharger Starter Pack for Xbox 360 game.  They play and enjoy the world of adventures and battle to defeat kaos.  The game adds more fun with streak vehicle because it goes into a new level of performance.  Overall my boys love the game.  They will play it over and over again.  

View the video below for information about Skylanders SuperChargers Starter Pack for Xbox 360.

The Skylanders SuperCharger Starter Pack is a great holiday gift.  Kids will love to play and collect new characters for their collection.  The starter pack retails for $74.99.  Price may vary depending in store.  Do you want to buy this hot game for the holidays.  You can view or buy a starter pack in your local retailer at skylanders.

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Anita Anderson said...

This is on my kids xmas list. My son talks about the WiiU starter pack as he loves Donkey Kong. Can't wait to see there faces on Xmas day.

Diana Chastain said...

These have to be the coolest things. I can not wait until my kids are old enough to play with them. We have an Xbox One, do they have some that would work with it?

Francisca said...

Hey Diana Chastain, Skylanders has many games for different gaming systems. It would be easy to find games for XBox One. They even have Skylanders SuperCharger Starter Pack for Xbox One.

Jacki said...

This is on my son's wish list this year. We have loved all the other Skylander's Games that have come out so I'm pretty sure he will be getting this one as well. :)

Unknown said...

My son is a little old for Skylanders, but these are a super hot gift for the 2015 holiday season! The LEGO Movie Videogame is also supposed to be a hot one. We usually snag a few games each holiday!

Vidya said...

My nephew would love this toy! I've never seen or heard about Skylander's games. It is so different to have girls and not having to witness such games :-0 I will look into this more.

Joyce Duboise said...

Skylanders is always a great gift for kids any time of the year! It’s a gift that you know they will not be disappointed in. This starter pack is pretty epic! It comes with SO much. I have one already here, ready to give as a gift! This is definitely a great addition to your Holiday Guide.

ShawnTe Pierce said...

I heard my sister talking about this and getting it for her son. I can see why he wants it. It is very cool. Uh oh! I can see him and his little sister fighting over it though. lol Great review and gift idea!

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