Zing Stikbot - Holiday Guide

I first saw Stikbot on a TV commercial.  My son Davian wanted me to buy it for him.  Stikbot is a cool innovative toy.  It is an easy-to-pose figure with suction cup hands and feet.  It can adheres to a lot of surfaces.  Stikbot has a free mobile app called, StikBot Studio.  The app allows users to snap individual photos and puts them together into a film.  The app has a build-in sound effects and music to add on the video while recording film. 

I gave the Stickbots to Davian on his birthday.  He couldn't wait to open it up.  Davian and his brother played together and had fun.  I like how the Stikbot can adhere to each other by the hands and feet.  The kids enjoy changing the Stikbot pose.  The toy involves my kids imagination and creativity.  Anyone can create Stikbot into a video star.  


Stikbot is a small size toy.  It can be used to create, animate and share a story starring Stikbot.  A person needs imagination to pose and shape for endless fun.  The Stikbot comes in 7 different colors from green, blue, pink, white, yellow, purple and red.  Stikbot Studios app is available on iOS and Andriod.  The single pack of Stikbot retails for $4.99 and studio pack $9.99.  It's suitable for kids ages 4+.  Stikbot is a nice toy to open a child's creative side.  It would make a cool holiday gift.  The Stikbot Studio app is available for download at www.stikbot.toys.  To view or buy Stikbots visit a retailer near you www.stikbots.toys/buy.

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Anita Anderson said...

I like this toy. I want to try to make a video with it too. Looks like a fun family game night.

Priz said...

Looks like a lot of fun for the boys! I might have to check this out, my friend's kid love these type of toys. Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

Wow! I heard my nephew talking about this, but I thought it was something he made up, lol. It looks like something my brother would enjoy doing with his kids. Definitely getting for him for Christmas. Thanks.

ShawnTe Pierce said...

What a cool looking toy! It is so great your kids like playing with it. I hope they are still around when the babies in the family get older.

Vidya said...

Great review! Nice video too.. It's perfect for kids! This is a toy I will consider during Christmas shopping :)

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