Pinblock Kids Must-Have Toy

Pinblock was co-founded by two best friends, Vladislav Smolyanskyy and, ShiJun Xiao. They were both from Brooklyn and had a passion for building stuff.  Both of them went to Baruch, CUNY school in Manhattan, and upon graduation decided to start Pinblock.  They wanted to create something that would allow your imagination to steer the building, not a manual. The production of their first prototype was created early, January 2015.  Pinblock Freestyle has 1000 pcs to build so many different things.  It comes in varies of colors to connect and design an amazing car, plane, mask, ship, minions and more.  Pinblock is available in 20 colors.  Pinblock has expanded to Canada and Israel.  Their currently in process of introducing Pinblock in Australia and Russia and distribution in stores nationwide.  All is needed is an imagination and the magical pieces come to life.

This is Vladislav Smolyanskyy the co-founder.  He's a 20 year old.

I wanted my son David to try something new.  I showed him Pinblock.  He opened the box and started pinning piece after piece.  His brothers Davian and Davin joined him and started building.  I'm glad there's 1000 pcs for all the kids to enjoy themselves.  They were having so much fun.  I sat with them and created a plane.  


Pinblock is different than other build blocks.  It a single universal unit that is small.  The two rounded pins on top of the Pinblock allow for near 360 degree rotation.  It's flexible allowing to create 3D models, pixel art, wearables like, a hat, a watch, bracelet and more.  Design whatever you want into a master piece.  This is great for kids to develop their thinking skills and imagination.  Pinblock is suitable for kids ages 7-14.  The retail price for Pinblock is $40.18 and price varies.  I recommend Pinblock for kids.  It would make a fun holiday gift.  The designs are endless.

You can get Pinblock Freestyle for yourself on Amazon.  Connect with Pinblock for product offers and contest on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  


Anita Anderson said...

This would be a good stocking stuffer for the xmas. I can see my kids playing with that too.

Diana Chastain said...

Very cool, but too many pieces of my 1 and 4 year old. Although this could be a great gift idea for my 8 year old niece. She likes building things and she is so hard to buy for! Thanks for the gift idea. :)

Unknown said...

This looks like so much fun! It's like new legos. I bet the boys would love these, but I can already see the mess it could make.

Jacki said...

This looks super fun. My 6 yea old would go nuts for it! He loves building. Thanks for letting me know about this product.

Unknown said...

Your kids have some good imagination, or they have good suggestions for building with the blocks. Plane is neat! I will get these for my son. He loves Legos, and this will give him different options.

Alyssa Collazo said...

WOW! That looks like a lot of fun, I bet my girls would love that!

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