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Patch Products Toy Must-Haves

1:40 PM Francisca 8 Comments

Patch Products was formed in 1985.  They began their line of PuzzlePatch puzzles.  The puzzles grew popularity and built the foundation on Patch Products has grown.  They obtained the license to board games.  Their games includes Mad Gab, Blurt Mad, Shark Attack, bed Bugs, Go Ape Farkle Frenzy, Malarky, Swap, Toss Up, 5 Second Rule, Giant Spoons, 100 Wacky Things, and many more.  They entered in relationship with Dora the Explorer, SpongeBob SquarePans, Sesame Street, Where the Wild Things Are and other brands.  They have been distributing varies of different games. 

Patch Products has a fun game called Chrono Bomb.  It comes with the bomb, 10 cards (8 gear cards and 2 mission cards), 4 standard clamps, reel clamp, sensor clamp, sensor, bomb, rules and the 27.5-ft. string creates a “laser” field to crawl through.  The point of the game is at the end of the maze, the bomb counts down...tick, tick!  You have to hurry and pick up the cards to defuse the bomb from exploding.  Be the super hero and win the game.  It has a timer to set the time and start the game.  You can build new courses, play over and over.  Try to beat your friends time.  This game is endless fun!

My son David has fun playing Chrono Bomb.  He likes picking up the cards before the bomb counts down...tick, tick, tick!  Changing the course makes it more fun.   David likes to play it over and over.  He can't wait to play it with his friends.  

You can find out about Chrono Bomb.  View the video provided to help you learn about the game and watch David play Chromo Bomb.

Chrono Bomb is a great game.  Kids will enjoy their time playing.  I truly recommend Chromo Bomb.  It's the best game ever!  This would make a child happy to have, as a holiday gift.  The game is suitable for kids ages 7 & Up.  It requires three AAA batteries, not included.  It retails in stores for $29.99.  To view or buy the game visit

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Unknown said...

What a unique idea! It looks like a fun game - heck I would play it lol.
I LOVE how your son does this SLOW MOTION movement before turning off the timer hahaha that cracked me up - tempting fate there lil guy - SO CUTE!

Unknown said...

Oh this looks so much fun! I love your kid's face when he finished the course! I never knew about this game before reading it here. What a great holiday gift idea!!!

Unknown said...

Looks like a nice christmas gift for kids! I enjoyed watching your kid play the game, i want to play that too, lol.. I must have to check this out, thanks for sharing! :)

Unknown said...

Those sound like fun! It looks like a great Holiday gift. There are so many great games these days.

Vidya said...

Wow - such a neat game! I've never seen anything like this. Several kids like anything to do with laser :)

Unknown said...

This sounds like a great game to include even the older teenages. It also allows the kids to be interactive and not just sitting on a couch playing a game on tv.

This sounds like my kind of game! I am definitely going to check it out. Thank you for sharing.

Looks pretty cool. My kiddos might be too young for it, but I'll let my friend know (she has a 5 & 7 year old).