Healthy Eating - Baked King Fish Recipe

Healthy eating is the way to go.  Do you bake your food?  I wanted to give you a healthy way to cook your fish.  Fish is great for dieting and heart.  I like to add salad to my fish.  It goes well with salad.  The king fish is so delicious.  It's nicely cooked and moist.  Kids will even like it too.


2 pounds King Fish 
3 sliced pieces onions
5 pieces parsley leafs (for each fish)


Add seasoning on the 6 pieces of king fish and with your desired seasonings.  Get pan and put fish on pan, add 5 pieces leafs on fish and onions too, put pan into the oven and cook.  

Cook until 6 pieces of king fish is light brown, cook about, 45 to 59 minutes.  When ready remove from oven. 

This recipe is great to eat healthier and dieting.  The king fish and salad complete the dish.

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