What Nutritional Supplement Is Good For You?

Convida had a misson and an idea of giving people a healthy way of living.  Their products are made of nutritional supplements and natural ingredients.  Convida products are made, in New York and FDA good manugacturing practices.  Get on the road to a healthy future for a healthier you.  

The Vitalidad Organic Greens Drink with Spirulina is to be used with a scoop power, 8oz cup of water or juice.  The drink powder doesn't have a thickness.  It has a light and natural vegatable taste.  The drink helps for energy-boosting, cleansing and immune support.  I like drinking it at night.  It's really up to you when to drink it.  There are no artifical flavors or colors.  The drink powder is really natural!


Mixed of green vegetables - broccoli, spinach, kale, alfalfa, seaweed, spirulina, chlorella and carrots.  

How does Vitalidad help you?
  • It has organic spirulina seaweed used as a detox agent.  This will help you to cleanse yourself.
  • Vitalidad has 110% carrots for vitamin A.  This helps vision and support the immune system.
  • Vitalidad is great for energy boosting and drinking after a workout.  This will keep you hydrated.
  • It's caffeine free and all natural.
The retail price for a Vitalidad Organic Greens Drink with Spirulina is $29.99.  It's recommended to 5 portions for vegatables a day, for drinking.  To get more information or buy Vitalidad visit www.convidanatural.com.

The Completa, All-In-One Protein Shake with Multivitamins is to be used with a scoop, 8oz. cup of milk and mix power together.  I get a great thick shake.  It's a good morning breakfast. The powder flavor is of banana and orange.  The shake tastes like banana.  I do feel the nutrition and energy it gives.  I can do on my day without feeling hungry.

  • Organic fruits
  • Vegetables
Description about Completa:
  • Completa is intended to keep you from feeling hungry and gives energy and nutrition.
  • It contains three main elements to support bone health, Vitamin B & D, magnesium, and calcium.
  • Contains 12g of plant based protein
  • Completa contains 99% calories per serving our of 2,000 daily calories.
  • Completa is 100% natural and free of artificail ingredients.
Completa is ideal to use for breakfast or lunch.  I have replaced eating breakfast meal and drink 8oz. cup of power shake.  It retails for $29.99 and to get more information or buy Completa visit www.convidanatural.com.

I have lost 3 lbs using Completa, All-In-One Protein Shake in the morning.  I drink Vitalidad Organic Green Drink with Spirulina at night, after my workouts.  They both work great together.  Convida has so many products and kits to choose from.  You should give them a try and buy the products that suits, your healthier you at www.convidanatural.com

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