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The All Mighty Pac Oxi is a super concentrated laundry detergent in small mighty pacs. One pac can do all the work in a large load of clothes.  The OXI contains in-wash pre-treaters for whiter whites. We tested the All Mighty Pac Oxi.  It kept clothes clean and smelling fresh.  Many loads can be washed and get though bags of clothing.  The mighty pacs load sizes from 24, 48, 60, 72 and 84.  

The All dry sheets sentsitive skin is free, clean of perfume and dyes.  The All dry sheets can be purchased in 80, 120, 200 and 230 sheets.   This makes fabrics soft, clean and more comfortable against sensitive skin.  It's a fabric softener that releases a nice scent on clothes.  

We tested the All dryer sheets for sentitive skin.  The sheets were used on large loads. They kept the clothes smelling fresh and had no static cling.  The clothes were folded and stored a way.  After a few days they still smell fresh.  You should put All Mighty Pac Oxi
and all dryer sheets to the test.  They work will with each other.  

To find out about All laundry products or buy visit them at www.all-laundry.com.  Stay connected with all for laundry products, deals and more on All laundry Facebook, all free clear Facebook.

November is Home ReDesign month.  We are helping you to get prepared for a disaster. In the Home ReDesign Campaign Event Giveaway Hop.  It's hosted by ReviewIt PR , co-hosted by Our Piece Of Earth and Terris Little Haven.  Thanks to the participating bloggers in promoting this event.  We are inviting you to join us for the Home ReDesign Campaign Event Giveaway Hop.  You can win cool prizes!  It start's from November 3, at 12:00 AM and ends November 13, at 12:00 AM. 

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Mammamayor said...

I like the idea of the table top oven ,especially when you have a lot company ,natbelinsky@verizon.net

Unknown said...

My favorite would be the Halogen Oven. I have been wanting one of these for a long time. I sure hope i can win this one.

kelly tupick said...

My favorite item is the Halogen table top oven.

kelly tupick

Heather B said...

My favorite is the All with Oxy!

kellyr78 said...

I like All Might Pacs.

Unknown said...

The table top oven - our apartment has a fan over the stove, but the air doesn't go anywhere - we set off our smoke detectors last night cooking dinner!

AnnaZed said...

I love Whisk, it's great stuff!
{in the contest I am Margot Core on the Rafflecopter}

Anonymous said...

I would like the oven, it would be a great size for the apartment.

My favorite product is the Halogen TableTop Oven. I would love to have one!

The Table Top Oven! That would be so cool!

Anastasia said...

I love All! Especially those easy, drop in packs :) They're usually too expensive for me though, so I admire them from afar :)

Unknown said...

I love All with Oxy, ALL is the only kind of laundry detergent I use because my boys have sensitive skin.