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Inventive Concepts International is a manufacturing company located at, Chicagoland area. iSafe Bags is successful entrepreneurs in leading industry of inventing innovative products.  Their products include school backpacks, girls backpacks, laptop backpacks, waist pack, laptop messenger bags and urban crew backpacks. 

iSAFE Bags has made a way for you to keep your thing secure in your bag.  They've created a mobile personal security system that's an alarm built-in there bags.  It's your personal security anytime and anywhere.  In seconds, the loud alarm system activate's to attract immediate help for a harmful situation. The personal alarm system runs on two 9 volt alkaline batteries.  To  activate the alarm pull the activation cord or to deactivate the alarm re-insert the pin.  The alarm system can run for up to 2 continuous hours before you have to replace the batteries. When the batteries are low, you will get a light flashing for 36 to 60 hours and them our alarm will not work.  You must replace your batteries.  iSafe Bags is great for school kids, seniors, professionals, college students, high school students and outdoor enthusiast.   It comes in different styles and colors.  
iSAFE Bags sent us their Girl Color iCon School Backpack.  I really like it has 4 zipper pockets for storage.  You even get two netted side pockets located in the left and right of the bag.  I wish to have had an iSAFE Backpack years ago.  I like the fact your son/daughter can feel safe by using the backpack.  Students need to protect themselves from bullies.  The backpack has plenty of room and compartments for students on the move.  I actually never seen a backpack with so many compartments.  It's great to have extra storage place to separate my books, pens or other accessories.  I really do recommend iSAFE Bags to anyone.  You can't get a better bag than theirs.  You get protection, quality, extra storage and their prices are reasonable.   

The Girl Color iCon School Backpack is on sale for the retails price of $59.99.   You can go to their website to view the Girl Color iCon School Backpack visit  here.   To view or buy other products visit iSAFE Bags

NY MOMSTYLE has included a video review for the Girl iCon School Backpack below.  

Watch iSAFE Bags Media News to get information about their products.

To find out how iSAFE Bags can give you ideas to do better in school.  Connect with iSAFE Bags  on Facebook and Twitter.   

iSAFE Bags is sponsoring the Blogorama Bonanza Back 2 School 2012 Event.  The event starts August 20, 2012 at 12:00 AM. Come back at 12:00AM to enter to win a iSAFE Bags School Backpack.   


Arahbella said...

I love these! I would love to have one :)


Unknown said...

These are so neat! I keep reading article after article on kids being killed and abducted already this school year! This alarm might just be enough to make a kidnapper drop a kid!

Unknown said...

That's a neat idea. It's sad though that we even have to consider something like this. :(

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