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Hallmark has their main branch located at Kansas City, Mo.  They have over 38,000 retail stores across the US.  They want to give people moments big or small from happiness, time challenges, love, appreciation, graduation and just to show they care. They have array of products from e-cards, greeting & photo cards, announcements, invitations, stationery, party plates, interactive story buddies and more. 
Hallmark sent us their Interactive Storybook & Story Buddy.  It's a great way to have your child interact and read the book.  The Story Buddy is a stuffed puppy called Nugget.   Nugget can say several key phrases, while your child reads the book.  I sat down with my son David and helped him read, "Nuggest's First Day of School."  Spending quality time with David is important to me and story time does that.  I want to teach David, how to read words before he starts kindergarten.  Having Nugget as David's reads can help him open up and learn.  It's so different from other story books I have seen.  It's hard to find a brand or product that can actually interact while reading.  I've seen books that have buttons that make sounds.  That actually doesn't keep a child interested in reading.  It just makes the child press and play with the buttons.   

As a mom, I know you want a great product for your child.  Interactive Storybook & Story Buddy is wonderful story book that he or she will like.  The Interactive Storybook & Story Buddy sells for the retail price of $29.95.   There are different Interactive Storybook & Story Buddy and other story books.  You can view or buy a Interactive Storybook & Story Buddy just visit Hallmark.  You can shop for other products by visiting them here.

To find out how Hallmark can help you save in special moments big or small.  Connect with Hallmark  on Facebook and Twitter.   

Hallmark is sponsoring the Blogorama Bonanza Back 2 School 2012 Event.  The event starts August 20, 2012 at 12:00 AM. Come back at 12:00AM to enter to win a Interactive Storybook & Story Buddy.   

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