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Blogorama Bonanza has participating bloggers all providing fabulous prize package giveaways. You can hop from blog to blog and enter to win them.  My theme for this Blogorama event is: "Gift Guides!"  I wanted to introduce you to products and companies.  Take advantage of getting products because I want that! There is so many magnificent companies that I'm working with.

Jyla's Three Of Us Giveaway is hosting the Blogorama Bonanza event.

My sponsors spotlight post will bring you extra entries for the chance to win prizes.

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These awesome companies particpating for Blogorama Bonanza event have great products. Any customer would love to buy.  Find out more about their companies below.

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Kidorable was established in 1997, by Liping and Jonathan Domsky.  They created children's apparel and accessories.  Kidorable products line are rain coats, umbrellas, backbacks, towels, rain boots, knit hats, sun hats, knit gloves, hanger sets, scarves, embroidered t-shirts and bookends.  Kidorable is a not just in stores, but across the vast landscape of the children's apparel and accessories industry.  By encouraging personal and professional growth in the service of imagination and smiles, Kidorable's continues to soar.

Kidorable sent me their Space Hero Rain Coat, Space Hero Rain Boots and Frog Towel for me to review.  The Space Hero Rain Coat and Boots fit my son great.  He looked so cute in them.  The Frog Towel was used for my other son who's 4 months now.  It has cute frog legs and hands.  The Frog Towel will last until my son is even pasted 6 years old.  I love Kidorable products.  They have varies of cute baby/toddler products any kid would love to wear.

(Win a Kidorable Umbrella)
You get to pick the umbrella your child would like.

Little Looster was invented and designed by Monica Mylet, mommy of 3.  Little Looster is located in St. Augustine, FL.  She came up with the design and need after parenting 3 kiddos through the potty training process.  Most of Looster's life cycle from birth-of-concept to design and manufacturing was completed by Oregon based companies.

I put the Little Looster below the toilet seat as soon as it arrived.  My son stepped up on it then down.  I had to show him how to use it.  Now he can go potty on his own.  He was happy going up and down.  I showed him how to use it and now he goes on his own.  The Little Looster is great!  It give my son the chance to go potty on his own without my help.  He is happy to potty by himself with the help of Little Looster.

(Win a Little Looster)

Parlux Fragrances Inc is a company recognized locally and internationally.  They specialize in the design of manufacturing, marketing and the distribution of fragrances and related products.  Their products are ranked top 100 in cosmetic and fragrances in the world.  Their products are under licensing agreements brand names as Paris Hilton, Nichole Miller, Jessica Simpson and much more.  They have many products distributed in department stores from Macy's, SSI, Belk and much more.  

The Paris Hilton Tease Eau de Parfum Spray scent is strong to last you all day.  Tease is all about being sexy like a true Hollywood Goddess.  I found inspiration in the playful glamour of one of my favorite screen icons in an'off camera' moment, " says Paris Hilton.   Paris Hilton said, "She wanted to give women permisson when they wear this fragrance to tease their man with all the flirting allows.

(Win a Paris Hilton Tease Eau de Parfum Spray)


Ollie Olio is located in Portland, Oregon. clothing designs are for kids.  Ollie Olio states, "They curate and gather products that encourage us to smile, items and objects that make us happy." Their hip kids clothing come in size 2-8.  They sell Elephant Patch boy tee in two colors, Pajamas for boys and girls and a India Ink Dress in Navy.  Their kids clothing line will continue to grow.  Check their kids clothing line at

(Win a Ollie Olio $20 Gift Certificate)

The Sharper Image offers customers a great shopping experience.  They have easy to search brands and non-brand products.  The Sharper Image includes online, catalog, retail, technology and financial services and sports management.  Through a  licensee  agreement with Camelot; they manages and operates the   Their brands include home, health, beauty, wellness, recreation fitness, travel and much more.

The Sharper Image has a great Pocket Projector.  I just love the features it includes.  The features is that it can hold plenty of entertainment. 2GB memory stores and plays full-length movies, TV shows, music, family videos and your photos.  The Pocket Projector gives clear resolution image 640x480.  It includes a remote control, quality speaker inputs for SD cards and USB port.  It can work with your DVD, MP3 player and laptop.  I will use the Pocket Projector with me on trips and at home.  It is a very convenient and enjoyable projector to own.

(Win a Pocket Projector)

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