Bellybuds Review

The Bellybuds creator and co-founder is Curtis Willams.  The inspirations for the Bellybuds happened during the 2nd trimester of Curtis Williams wife.  It was the pregnancy of their first child.  Since his wife used her ipod earbuds on her belly while pregnant and the problem was impossible to be comfortable and she had to lie on her back and couldn't move.  It seemed there could be the possibility for something more convenient.  Curtis Willams contacted his friend and product designer, Brett Klisch to help design and engineer the piece.  That is how Bellybuds were created.

Today Bellybuds are available for all parents-to-be.  The creator couldn't be more proud.  A small idea turned out into a big invention.  It's a nice way for parents-to-be connected to their child; even in the womb.

I received the Bellybuds to review.  The deluxe package includes:

(1) set of bellybuds™ bellyphones

(2) sets of hydrogel adhesive rings

(1) set of bellybuds buddons

(1) one neoprene storage pouch with belt clip

(2) bellyphones dock

(1) audio splitter

* Not  included headphones and mp3 players.

The hydrogel adhesive rings are durable.  Do not use Bellybuds on belly if you have lotions or oil.  It may cause the adhesive to lose its tackiness.  When I put the Bellybuds on my belly; it was great because I couldn't hear the sounds of the music playing.  I just wanted the music to sound for my baby in my womb.  It does come with an audio spilitter for the use of headphones.  Just in case, I want to hear what music I'm playing. 

 Bellybuds are wearable speakers for mom-to-be that desire to play prenatal music and sounds to a developing child in the womb. (stated Bellybuds website)

In my opinion, I can't really say if the baby I'm carrying can accually hear the music.  As is, my baby is developing in my belly.  Good product or not, buy one for yourself if your pregnant or give as a gift and you be the judge.  It works as it should and a very well made product.

You can buy Bellybuds bellyphone Deluxe Pack by visiting their website at Bellybuds.  The suggested retail price is $49.99. 

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