Brand Outreach Campaigns

Are you a brand seeking buzz for your product?  Partner with NY Mom Style and get a buzz for your brand and target your audience.  
Brand Campaigns 

NY MOMSTYLE will work with your brand to promote exposure for your product.  
The brand provides the products to NY MOMSTYLE for promotional purposes prior and during the campaign.   The products, photography or brand advertising ad, and content information will be used for social sharing and reach.  Have those interested in your brand through and after the campaign.  

Partnership Campaign Details

● (1) Campaign sponsored content writing post. 
● Photography created for content or brand advertising ad.
● (1) Facebook post boost - 1 boost + (Facebook Branded Tool).
● Instagram post update with image. (hashtag)  
● (2) Twitter tweet update with image. (#hashtag)
● (1) Pinterest update with image.
● Blogger Twitter post re-tweet - During one day. (#hashtag)

Example Recipe Creation Post

Fluffy Pancakes from Scratch 2/5/18
● Vanilla Cake Sprinkle Treats 3/5/18

Example Fashion Creation Post
● 5 Styles For Winter 4/6/18
● Season Wish-List 5/7/18

Example Tech Creation Post
Tech Essentials For You 6/7/18
Tech Solutions For Parents & Kids 7/8/18

Hire NY Mom Style for your campaign

Email the details of your request to Francisca Ramos:
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