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Have you been thinking what styles to put together and look good?  Mix and match fashion to look in style.  Spend low prices and wear quality clothing.  I just love!  They have so many items for men, women, kids, jewelry, shoes and more.  you can fill up your closet top to bottom.  

I have shared pictures wearing clothing.  The clothes is the sleeveless blouse w/button epaulest at shoulders and Skinny fit jeans with classic 5-pocket style.  The items add style when put together.  You can look sexy and feel good.  Don't close yourself out when it comes to clothes.  It's okay to mix and match and try new styles. 

I have another picture wearing another clothing.  The clothes is their long sleeved v-neck rosette pattern semi sheer top and skinny fit jeans with classic 5-pocket style. Look in style for Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.  Fashion is all about dressing up, looking good and feeling comfortable. can make you look in fashion.  Whenever you want!   Their cheap clothes for $5.99 or less.  

The 6 items sent by and featured on NY MOMSTYLE is below.

1. Skinny fit jeans with classic 5-pocket style - id.30158a
2. Textured slim fit long blue casual pants - id.29187
3. Sleeveless blouse w/button epaulets at shoulders - id.27u83c
4. Long sleeved v-neck rosette pattern semi sheer top - id.27483c
5. Straight cut skinny jeans - id.29179
6. Long Sleeved V-Neck Button Front Cardigan Tip With Ribbed Trim - id.30089c

Check the video of me modeling the 6 clothing items.  This video shows all the clothing and styles featured on NY MOMSTYLE. 

The total of all the items received were $34.94.  It's a bargain and can't beat getting so many items for less!  Check for new items from  They always get new items.  They have sizes from small to plus size.

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Wow, you got many pieces of clothing from them for only $5.99. I have to check them out and see what I can find for thanksgiving and Xmas.

Alli Smith said...

These pieces are only $5.99? That's amazing. I love the sleeveless top and the skinny jeans. What a great way to save money!

Amanda said...

Holy cow, those are some great prices. Unfortunately I have spent way too much lately so I won't be allowing myself to buy anything until after the new year.

That is an unbelievably good deal! I love saving money and these clothes are so affordable! Love the sleeveless top!

Unknown said...

That is a really great deal :D and the pieces are beautiful too

Oh wow, that's an amazing price for those pieces! And they look so great on you :-). I need to check this place out myself!

I love the teal top on you. It looks great. Actually everything looks great on you!

Wow, that is a steal. All those things for under $40. And they are really cute.

Jacki said...

Love all the styles. And those prices are amazing!

Polarbelle said...

Cute clothes!! Those are totally my style.

Franc said...

You look great here. It is really great to mix and match outfit. It gives you more optiosn and outfits to wear.

Look gorgeous and you look like you feel so confident and comfortable in them. That has always been my biggest issue with finding the right clothes.

You look so great! I love the pieces, so very nice and I love the colors. Definitely something Id wear.

Aaronica said...

wow! 5.99??!!?!? checking this site out asap!

Unknown said...

So cheap yet so stylish. Those outfits look great on you. I haven't heard of this company before but will be looking them up asap.
Thanks for sharing your look with us so cute.


Vidya said...

I really can't believe the price! They look so wonderful on you and so stylish too. I will never be able to find such outfits for $5.99. I love shopping online and will be checking this online store.

Oh my gosh, what bargain prices. I've bought some items from them before for my adult daughters. They love them and so do I.

Unknown said...

I have never heard of them before! But sounds amazing, i visited the site and can't believe the prices, for the dresses displayed. Awesome. This could be perfect to stock up for fall, holiday and christmas season! :)

Unknown said...

That is surprisingly inexpensive. They do look good on you. And you are pleased with the quality? I haven't had good luck with mail ordering such inexpensive items.

Unknown said...

those are really lovely pieces, and i particularly love the boots! It is good to know that stylish yet budget-savvy mums can rely on shops like this for fabulous fashion styles that do not have to break the bank

Kiwi said...

I never heard this brand but it looks nice! Thanks for the inspiration!

Unknown said...

I have a few items from them. Unfortunately, I was trying to match outfits and a few of the items ran out of stock so I had to substitute. It's still a great place to grab clothes and I even have a pair of shoes from them.